Saturday, 2 March 2013

Movie Review of " I ME AUR MAIN "

Through I ME AUR MAIN the makers have tried to portray the modern times where relationships don't always come with the call for chastity. But much as the film tries to be an urbane and contemporary cinema, it keeps restoring to archaic stock phrases. But still it has its own moments which are refreshing and bring a smile to your faceAlas, the Bollywood audience has matured in its intake of mush, and seeks much more than a gorgeous legged beauty or a shirtless hero to make them skip a heartbeat.

 SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY        :                        The script and screenplay has been written by DEVIKA BHAGAT who earlier scripted movies like Aisha, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Although she starts well but than we get bewildered by the sheer inanity of the plot, where three lives get knotted over matters of the heart and their differences resolved in an impenetrable, hasty manner. There are way too many sub-plots, themes and characters that she is unable to give anyone substantial insight and does not give enough time to any character for sketching of profile. Briefly the story is that Anushka (Chitrangda Singh) separates from her live-in partner Ishaan (John Abraham) because she feels he is too selfish and can't look beyond himself. Ishaan shifts to a new house and falls in love with his neighbour, Gauri (Prachi Desai). All seems to be going fine until Ishaan comes to know that Anushka is pregnant with his child and has to choose between his love and his responsibility. The movie started off by claiming to be a breezy romance, later it turned into a messy break-up story, then it shifted back to romance, but side-tracked again to play out a weepy, family drama, only to tie it all together with a lecture on ambition and dreams.

STARCAST                                         :                   JOHN ABRAHAM who has spent a lot of his acting career hearing critics call him "wooden", can finally flash that famous half smile of his. The actor has done a neat job of playing the self obsessed Ishaan and pretty much delves deep into the skin of the character. CHITRANGDHA on the other hand,could have done a much better job as Corporate lawyer in love with Ishaan that she plays. We've seen Singh deliver full-bloodied performances before but this isn't one. I am of the view that she has the capability to do much better in case a director is able to extract the best out of her. PRACHI DESAI comes like a breath of fresh air and comes out as the surprise package of this movie. She has played Gauri to the hilt as a stunner & I will rate this as one of her best performances till date. MINI MATHUR as sister of Ishaan has given a descent performance. ZARINA WAHAB is outstanding playing Ishaan's mother who is a chatterbox and she certainly deserves to be seen on screen more often. Together, the mother-sister duo leaves one applauding loud and hard. RAIMA SEN as saree clad boss of Ishaan has little scope to perform in her miniscule appearance. SAMEER SONI, the handsome hunk has played a cameo albeit carrying his trademark harsh expressions as if he has barged in straight from sets of his serial "Parichay" ( I feel its high time for him to play a wacky hilarious role ).

TECHNICAL ASPECTS                        :                               The music for this flick has been given by PRITAM DA. Couple of songs are hummable but there is not even a single track that stays with you for a longer period which is disappointing as music is the backbone for movies of this genre & plays a major role in their success. Cinematography is by HIMMAN DHAMIJA who has done a fairly average job with the resources available. Editor RANJEET BAHADUR has done his job well to a certain extent & has managed to keep run time of this movie even less than 2 hours. I feel one person whose name i need to mention is PRIYANKA MUNDADA who is the costume designer and has made all leads look really fab. Director KAPIL SHARMA makes his debut with the film, but even though it is a sincere-effort on his part, the screenplay is not befitting of the premise of its lead character being a man-child  - it does not have the required depth to take the story or the players' parts forward in its narrative. Had he paid more stress on character building rather than introducing them haphazardly and extended the timing of movie's climax , the movie would have definitely sounded more logical.  Not to forget GOLDIE BEHL, who deserves applause for taking up a little bold subject with an unconventional ending once again after his last flick LONDON PARIS NEWYORK.

WOW MOMENTS                                     :                             Watch out for some light breezy scenes in the beginning itself especially when John refuses to pay money to Milkman. Scene when Prachi n John roam around after getting drunk and John leaves her on middle of the street has been shot nice. Zareena's interactions are also quite laughter invoking.

OVER THE HEAD                                         :                        The sudden appearance and than sudden disappearance of Sameer Soni is bewildering. Prachi's suddenly getting Visa to Paris & on top of that John's instant decision to join & fly across with her requires a sachet of  Eno to digest the scene. And than the sudden ending also disappoints ( Although the decision taken in the climax is USP of the movie and should have been elaborated but instead it happens too quick which spoils the fun and importance of it ).

CONCLUSION                                                 :                          Its a light,breezy movie good enough for a one time watch but it has the sparks and could have been much better had the characters as well as the plot been developed in more engaging way. But in case you like Candy floss kind movies with lot of style quotient coupled with well chiseled protagonist flanked by two gorgeous beauties, this movie is just the right cup of tea for you.

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