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Movie review of MERE DAD KI MARUTI.

Opulent marriage palaces,heavy decor,
mouth  watering delicacies, Band Baaja Baraat and femme fatale with overtly make up have been the essentials of Big fat Indian Wedding's on screen adaptations for long. But this wedding tale presented by YRF films takes you on a different short n sweet journey.  Kudos to ASHIMA CHIBBER for making a movie which doesn't have single extraordinary characteristic or feature but still makes you smile while coming out from theatre.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                                  :          The story has been penned down by duo of NEERAJ UDWANI & POOJA DESAI who have left no stone unturned to weave out a simple no frills attached humorous story, which has been further enhanced to a superlative screenplay by both of them along with ASHIMA CHIBBER who co-incidentally is the director of the movie also. The best part is that the script breezes past without any major breakdowns primarily because it doesn't get too adventurous and sticks to its chosen line and to top it all, it delivers some quirky detours that are made all the more engaging due to the consistent quality of acting by most of the artistes. The story of the movie is that its celebration time at the Khullar Family's residence as Tej's (Ram Kapoor) daughter Tanvi (Benazir Shaikh) is getting married to Raj (Karan Mehra) in a few days. Tej buys a brand new Maruti Ertiga as a wedding gift for his son in law much to the annoyance of his son Samir (Saqib Saleem) who already has a Chattis ka Aankrra with his father Tej. Meanwhile he gets to date a hot babe Jaslin (Rea) who likes to be called Jazzleen & to impress her Samir smuggles out Ertiga car from the garage but unfortunately looses it. He begins a hunt or race against time to either find the car or get a new one as the marriage ceremonies begin along with Jazzlin and his friend Gattu (Prabal Punjabi) who become his partners in crime. Now will he find the car.....or not....and what will his dad's reaction be....form the rest of the story which keeps you amused till it ends. One thing is sure that the screenplay & dialogues have been written keeping the new social networking friendly generation in mind with lotta slang used in between.( To be frank some of them were like alien language to me also ) but gelled well with tempo of the movie.

STARCAST                                                                              :  Undoubtedly the movie belongs to the father son duo played by RAM KAPOOR & SAQIB SALEEM who have done a fantabulous job as per their characterizations. We have been watching Ram Kapoor regularly in those tear jerker soaps on the small screen but in the movie we see him in a totally new Avatar. Kapoor pulls off a splendid balancing act between the demands of playing the loud foul-mouthed, demonstrative father at odds with a rebellious son and the innate skills of an actor acutely conscious of  the need for restraint. Saqib Saleem, in just his second movie has been able to hit all the right notes. He definitely fills the screen with his presence and mind you i am not talking about physical presence as it would be difficult to fill it physically when you share the screen space with Ram Kapoor. Saqib has essayed this role with natural ease by getting into the skin of his character and is at his brilliant best when it comes to comic timing especially when he imitates his Dad in movie. Now coming to RHEA CHAKRABORTY who fits the bill by playing the role of a coquette also known as Chandigarh Di Shakira in her debut attempt. She definitely looks cute n carries that oomph factor well but when it comes to acting skills she still has a long way to go. Fortunately the script & the pace of this movie did not require much of acting antics from her thereby making her come out clean. Two more artistes who deserve a mention for their good performances are PRABAL PUNJABI as Gattu & RAVI KISSEN as Hussain Bhai who make proceedings go live-wire whenever they appear on screen. Other noticeable ensemble actors in the movie are KARAN MEHRA , RITU KHANNA VIJ  who make their presence felt.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS                                                                 :  The music of the movie especially the background music is one of the biggest strengths of the movie and the credit for the same goes to SACHIN GUPTA who has composed both forms of music for this movie. Although songs have not been big chartbusters but it is their clever placement in the movie at the right junctures that enhances the narrative. Also the background music is in total sync with the situations and adds up to pull audience's interest in the proceedings. Cinematography is by ADIL AFSAR who has done an excellent job and in fact managed to enhance the visual beauty through his frames captured at various locales of CHANDIGARH. ANTARA LAHIRI holds the credit for being editor of this movie and deserves an applause too for her work. She has kept the momentum going at a steady pace throughout the movie whose run-time is 101 minutes. I feel one more person who deserves a well deserved mention is ISHITA MOITRA who is the dialogue writer of this flick. Lingual Pseudonyms who most youngsters are using for SMS texting, have been cleverly used by her in dialogues which in turn will strike an instant rapport with young movie watching crowd. But the person who deserves the crown is ASHIMA CHIBBER who with her efforts has executed a normal story with no star power at all into a very interesting flick which provides you entertainment worth your money spent. Although it is her first movie as a director but she has definitely managed to keep a tight rein on the proceedings all the way upto a tidily executed climax. She has also ensured that the movie does not look unconvincing or goes over the top at any place and maintains a tight grip.

OVER THE HEAD                                                                 :   In the climax when Sameer is in police custody his would be bro in law comes to bail him out not only wearing his wedding attire but also carrying his headgear along with sword in his hand. Not only this after bailing Sameer out he catches a local CTU bus to reach his wedding location. Had this been a part of any other bollywood comedy flick i would have ignored this but it pinches a bit to see such a cinematic liberty been taken in a tidy realistic comic flick.

WOW MOMENTS                                                                  :    Most of the confrontation scenes between Ram & Saqib have turned out to be hilarious especially when Saqib imitates him behind his back. The scene where Gattu goes to pick up Khosla's as a driver is humorous and its repercussions in the party scene make you roar with laughter. Also how the trio escapes from the garage of Hussain Bhai after a police raid will definitely bring a smile to your face.

CONCLUSION                                                                                  :     Although it is a comedy genre movie but still the movie is not just replete with same funny and maddening moments. The movie definitely has a soul attached to it and is able to hold your attention despite its simplicity.  If you want to seek comic relief in the form of clean entertainment without cruel double meaning jokes along with your family than this movie wont disappoint you.             

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