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" Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns " Movie review

       TIGMANSHU DHULIA has slowly become a force to reckon with.  After showing his acting prowess in GOW he has made a flick which comes out once in a while.Like God & Devil,the characters in Tigmanshu Dhulia's sequel to the highly acclaimed Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster work in mysterious often bizarre and  inexplicable ways. Each of the main characters in Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns (SBAGR) is stricken by a self-destructive passion bordering on an all-consuming neurosis.

 SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY                                :                KAMAL PANDEY & TIGMANSHU share the credit for story writing but screenplay and dialogues have been written by TIGMANSHU only  who has done an outstanding job.Torn between desire and self-loathing, the characters populating and copulating in SBGR are emptied-out by their own ambitions. Like the first film, the second one ends with a shocking death and an ironic twist to the drama of the damned and the doomed. The plot unfolds like an intricate jigsaw – each puzzle falling into place with a thunderous impact. The doddering aspirations of the depraved politicians form the backbone of the supple sequel where the men are often caught with their pants down…and the women don’t seem to mind it! The air is heavy with metaphor, as mentioned, but it’s handled most entertainingly. A man with killer aim starts to wield a camera, a sharpshooter learning to shoot. A veteran actor known for on-screen lasciviousness is the only one woefully out of place during a trashy dance sequence. A princess stands on her lover’s toes; a wife needs hands to steady her. Briefly the storyline is that after losing his legs, Saheb (Jimmy Sheirgill) is bound to the wheelchair and is very cranky, irrational and wicked, especially towards his alcoholic Biwi (Mahie Gill), who is now a politician. Gangster (Irrfan Khan) is determined to settle scores with Saheb and walks in the scene with the help of Birendra Pratap(Raj Babbar) whose daughter  Ranjana (Soha Ali Khan) is in love with him. How Saheb eyes Ranjana for marriage and all the scheming that follows forms the rest of the script. But the biggest asset of the movie is its screenplay and especially its dialogues which have become a rarity these days and DHULIA deserves special applause for this contribution.

 STARCAST                                                                 :         Thanks to Tigmanshu having given equal footage to all the characters, each and every star have performed exceptionally well. IRRFAN KHAN stands out as he shows his anger, passion, jealousy and pride with utmost conviction. Irrfan, with several quivers full of the dialogues he likes, is a riot at first, and then a delight to watch gradually unravel. Indeed MAHIE GILL pulls out all stops once again to play the kind of slutty royalty-wife whose cravings are so apparent they shame anger and embarrass even bystanders, as we witness when in her politician’s cabin a subordinate offers her spending-money assuring her he would “take it back from her husband”. But it is JIMMY SHERGILL who really impresses with delicate nuance and wonderful presence; it is as if he finds more dynamism from being strapped in a wheelchair. It is his lines that ring the loudest, and his eyes that do the film’s talking. SOHA ALI KHAN has the stateliness for the part but plays naive in almost childlike fashion, which is great. RAJ BABBAR, PRAVESH RANA & DEEPRAJ RANA too impress with their performances but it is RAJEEV GUPTA as the politician,the tomato who makes you roar with laughter with his funny antics and witty expressions. Oops i forgot in between i saw ANJANA SUKHANI & MUGDHA GODSE trying to woo the audience with their twisting bellies.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS                                                        :      Indeed the sequel to "Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster" moves far ahead in its packaging and technical finesse. Music for this movie has been given by SANDEEP CHOWTA who has done a very average job and surprisingly even the two item numbers in the soundtrack could not make it to top of music charts. Cinematography is by YOGESH JANI who has done a fairly descent job as the major emphasis of this movie is on its content n performances rather than location or grandeur of sets. Movie has been edited by RAHUL SRIVASTAVA who has done a fabulous job and maintains the same consistent pace during the movie's run-time of 145 minutes. But the main credit goes to the versatile TIGMANSHU DHULIA who has not only directed but written the story,screenplay and dialogues of this movie. The film’s dialogues are exceptionally good. Not just the taaliyan-at-a-baithak lines about how everyone looks the same in a wheelchair and why men swear more (because they sob less).A policeman measures out the future in terms of the next year, the next election, the next Shah Rukh Khan film. While a politician triumphantly calls himself a sensitive tomato & is unable to switch off the porn movie on his laptop. The 'Khanak' of loose coins for the 'loose' woman reverberates across this enchanting narrative where every character is playing a game with others and self. Though stubbornly economical, Dhulia's narrative is never short of breath as the characters move towards a perverse nemesis.

WOW MOMENTS                                                      :   Although its one of those rare movies which is full of wow moments but still I'll mention one scene. The scene where Irrfan walks in to take interview of  minister n what transpires next is simply hilarious and i'll definitely cherish this for a long long time as audience sitting next to me were about to fall with roaring laughter. I'll definitely like to applaud Rajeev Gupta who's played the character of  minister for portraying so innocent expressions  in this scene.

OVER THE HEAD                                                    :          N.A.

CONCLUSION                                                          :           I personally felt this to be one of the better movies i have seen in a while and Anyone who likes crisp cinema and likes to watch the grey & black characters hidden under garbs of humans will love this movie. Kudos to Tigmanshu for giving us an opportunity to watch this kind of cinema and that too with entertainment quotient attached to it.

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