Thursday, 14 March 2013

Run FARHAN Run. The Versatile n Impeccable FARHAN AKHTAR.

This is one of those rare articles that i have been forced to pen down by my sub conscious and i am having no discomfort in admitting it. The story behind this begins when Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra launched his movie Bhag Milkha Bhag  and selected Farhan Akhtar as the main lead in his biopic to portray the character of Legendary Milkha Singh. Being a movie obsessed person i was kind of shocked as i was under the impression that Farhan will never be able to justify the character and persona of Milkha G. Secondly as i myself belong to Chandigarh which is the home town of the legendary runner, hence i have had the privilege of meeting him a couple of times. This made it more difficult for me to digest the fact that Farhan would be able to carry those looks covincingly. Another factor which increased my dilemma was that howcome Farhan was selected to play lead by Rakeysh Mehra whom i admire as one of our finest directors.
                                                          All my apprehensions dashed to the ground when i saw the first official promo of the movie. But bigger shock came when i saw a still from the movie where Farhan is carrying a knife in his hand and a feeling of guilt swept across my mind prompting me to write this article. I could never imagine Farhan in that Avatar looking every inch like the character he is playing in the movie. It took me a while to recognize Farhan because of his physical looks as well as the intensity on his face and eyes and i would definitely like to applaud him big time for his efforts & proving me wrong. Frankly speaking on a personal level, I have always admired his direction prowess more than his acting skills. His first movie as a director, Dil Chahta Hai is not only one of my all time favorites but was a trend setting cult movie for sure. DCH had many firsts attached to it like it was the first movie to focus on camaraderie n male bonding between three protagonists while focusing on their character traits hence revealing a shrewd oxymoron of ambition and reality. One of the scenes where protagonists run & jump into water in Goa has been often repeated in lotta movies till date including Rang De Basanti & the latest Kai Po Che. I still remember the kind of frenzy DCH created in the youth on its release & fashion statements shown in movie became a rage amongst youngsters especially beard under lower lip which Aamir Khan carried in the movie.
                                                    To sum it up all, i'll say apart from talent it takes lot of hard work,dedication and versatility skills to become a movie director, screenplay writer, producer, actor, lyricist, playback singer and a television host which Farhan has already achieved and that too in such early stage of life. On a witty note i was surprised when i noticed that i am elder to Farhan and that too by 2 days as my DOB is 7 Jan.1974 n  9 Jan.1974 is Farhan's. So i wish Farhan keeps on making optimum use of his versatlity by giving us benchmark Indian cinema to relish our hunger for entertainment by going a long way for which BHAG FARHAN BHAGAlso i will like to applaud Farhan Akhtar for launching a social awareness campaign through his initiave MARD, which stands for Men Against Rape and Discrimination.

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