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ZILLA GHAZIABAD reminds you  of that unsavory half baked cake which you buy but are not able to relish it despite presence of walnuts, almonds & other garnishings in it. The same ordeal happens in the case of ZG where big stars coupled with high octane action stunts  fail to impress you in absence of a a strong script and an even screenplay. Finally the movie turns out to be nothing but a shoddy hatchet job that is extremely excruciating on your senses.

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY        :                              Script and screenplay by VINAY SHARMA is one of the biggest let downs of this movie along with a couple of other factors. The biggest casualty in all this gore-mongering is a logical pattern of story telling where in focus has been given to accommodating more of optimum punches rather than telling an anchored story.The narration leaves no room for any kind of emotion to take place and just concentrates on swearing enemies spilling rival blood scene after scene. We meet the characters as blood thirsty creatures of underground with their own internecine intentions. This is a kind of staged drama where lawmakers and lawbreakers behave with equal impunity. Both sides are wedded to anarchy and believe in screwing the emotions which makes it look like an orgy of elemental escapades.After reading all this do you guys still want me to write something about script .....Anyways I will ..So the movie oh the mayhem begins with Fauji (Arshad) who is a henchman of Chairman (Paresh) making a loot and bashing up cops. Next you see Master Satbir (Vivek) ,a multitasker who teaches students about values of non violence, is legal advisor of chairman and is love interest of  Chairman's daughter. But Faqira Greedy bro in law of CM incites Fauji to eliminate Master by shaking hands with CM'S rival Rashid Ali (Ravi Kishen) and become undisputed power controller. After this a blood battle begins challenging your memory to keep counting the number of gory deaths that include Satbir's bro, his wife, his friends, Fauji's bro, C.M....i'll like to stop here as the list is endless. So to stop all this mayhem Sanjay Dutt( Thakur Preetam Singh) enters the movie, who although is a cop but believes in glorious guttural outflow of gore blood,bullets and profanities by playing mind games.

STARCAST                      :                                       One thing that intrigues me is that howcome all these big stars as well as good actors could not sense the potholes in this wafer thin screenplay. Most of the stars in this movie are veterans who are all aware that what holds their elements together and has the potential to accentuate their character is a script which is prominently missing from this movie. So even SANJAY DUTT who is a cut out for this kind of role fails to impress as his character has not been sketched well at all. The kind of action scenes, dialogues and even dance moves assigned to him go completely over board. VIVEK OBEROI alias Satbir of this movie who has already proved his mettle by playing gangster in his earlier movies also falters this time. ARSHAD WARSI , known more for his comic talent has shown his versatility and shines amongst others by slipping into character displaying rugged roguery with ease but is let down by screenplay. Amongst the other ensemble actors we have PARESH RAWAL, SUNIL GROVER, CHANDERCHUR SINGH, ASHUTOSH RANA but It is RAVI KISHAN who has managed to impress audience. In this ode to mayhem and machismo the ladies have little to do besides shake a leg and shed a tear which include DIVYA DUTTA, CHARMI KAUR, MINISSHA LAMBA & ZARINA WAHAB. This movie sets another fine example for makers that big budget lavish production coupled with Star power of good actors is no more a sure shot recipe for success until it is backed up with solid content.

TECHNICAL VALUES                                               :       PRITAM has been credited as the music director of this movie but his usual groovy penchant is missing from most of the tracks. Cinematography is by  N.K.EKAMBARAM which you are unable to relish because of the blood bath going around in the movie and that too very frequently. Stunts and fights are by KANAL KANNAN who has undoubtedly worked really hard for fight sequences in this movie. But the problem is that he goes overboard in trying to provide action scenes in truly desi matrix style. He seems to have zero respect for Newton's law of universal gravity and in fact by making mockery of gravity makes most of the protagonists not only fly but in the climax makes Sanjay Dutt walk across on a side wall while firing gun shots. I am sure poor Newton might turn turtle in his grave if we show him this movie's action snippets. The editing of this flick has been done by BUNTY NAGI. Director of the movie ANAND KUMAR got a big opportunity to helm a lavish production studded with excellent actors having star power which he unfortunately failed to utilize. The narration looks like a staged drama where you see  restless vapidly violent characters killing brutally. The script would have looked more
logical had it shown these characters doing introspection of situation while undergoing emotional turbulence  with respect to their acts of  violence. This might have earned some empathy for these characters  who live & die by gun but in the present script the death of these characters brings respite to harried audience who not only rejoice their death but also exclaim that these characters deserved this death for making audience sit through this ordeal. 

WOW MOMENTS                     :                                    Movie on the whole did not leave any scope in my mind for remembering even a single WOW Moment.

OVER THE HEAD                        :                                    In case i mention any particular scene to baaki saare bure scenes (huge in number) naraaz ho jayenge so please pardon me as i'm skipping this section.

CONCLUSION                               :                             I recommend this movie to two kinds of  audience. Firstly to those who like to watch the violent glorious guttural outflow of gore blood bullets and profanities. Secondly to those who are suffering from insomnia as this movie might prove to be a better option than your doc's medication in instantly putting you to sleep.

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