Friday, 15 February 2013

NAUGHTY JATTS (Punjabi Movie) Cast n crew profile.


Name :         SAVIO BARNES


Zodiac Sign : CANCER

Fav.Movie(Hollywood) :   FAST N FURIOUS

Fav. Movie(Bollywood) :   DIL CHAHTA HAI 

SAVIO BARNES has become a household name especially in Punjab after showcasing not only his   Choreography skills but also his muscle strength by lifting Punjab's favourite female comedian BHARTI SINGH in the dance show Jhalak Dhikhla Ja. Savio is very excited as this is the first time that he is choreographing for a Punjabi movie and is doing two peppy songs of NAUGHTY JATTS. But he is very much accustomed to Punjabi music n Punjabis as earlier all his three partners in Jhalak Dikhla Ja were Punjabis. He is in awe with Punjabi culture,cuisines and their Happy go lucky nature as well as loves travelling to Punjab and being with Punjabis.( Which was clearly evident from his level of excitement and comfort level on sets ). He's also of the view that Punjabi cinema has taken a big leap ahead in terms of technical values,professionalism and of course budget hence churning out excellent movies.

                                        With Savio around how can cheesy talks about Jhalak n Bharti be missed !! So with a grin on face he fairly admits that he was clearly apprehensive when he was assigned BHARTI SINGH as his partner on Jhalak. But on the contrary it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him & being a typical cancerian he gives all the credit to her. He is of the view that she really worked hard and overcame all her inhibitions, bodyaches n injuries while practicing hard during rehearsals with him.(But Mr. Savio you need lot of guts n strength to do lifts with her). He took it as a challenge and In the end he n Bharti not only went a long way ahead in Jhalak but have become best of friends & are performing shows all over the globe. 

      An Incident when his Naughtiest Side Took Over His Rationalism    :          When we are having this conversation on the sets of NAUGHTY JATTS how could i miss the opportunity of making him reveal his naughtiest incidents that he remembers. Although being a cancerian he was more subtle n quiet when i first met him a fortnight ago but slowly n slowly he came to his elements and was at his revealing best. He's played quite a lotta pranks but one indident that he remembers happened way back when he was a bachelor. Once his best pal called him & for their friendship sake asked him to reach airport in half an hour and fly with him to Bangkok. And our humble Mr.SAVIO BARNES left from his home with passport in pocket but minus any baggage by telling his parents that he is going to the market for some shopping n reached Bangkok
with just one pair of clothes that he was wearing. And informed his parents later when he reached Bangkok.

                                 One of the best choreographed songs in his early days is " Pyaar ki ye kahaani suno" from the movie " Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd ". But he would definitely like to choreograph a song for Mr.Amitabh Bachchan as he feels AB is a real versatile actor who has always been re-inventing himself with the time. Savio feels AB's dancing style has been restricted to a couple of typical steps but he has the skills to perform any dance with ease . He is a big fan of animated movies from hollywood as for the creative skills involved in filming them. He has a dance academy by the name of DKS ACADEMY OF DANCE in Mumbai. Those who want to get in touch with him can contact him at .You can also find him on Facebook as Savio Barnes.

  Will be soon posting small cheeky interactions wid Team of NAUGHTY JATTS. Till than  SAYONARA.