Sunday, 24 February 2013

Movie review of " KAI PO CHE " .

Kudos to ABHISHEK KAPOOR who has not only adapted Chetan Bhagat's tale into a brilliant cinematic experience but in the process has managed to take it several notches higher.There's something which is uniquely endearing and extremely poignant about KPC. Whether it is the   ambitious narrative or captivating performances ,poetic cinematography, KPC is superior in texture and commendably subtle.        

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY   :                               Both ABHISHEK and CHETAN who have written the script along with PUBALI CHAUDHARY & SUPARTIK SEN have themselves admitted that while scripting they cut the novel to a minimum level, leaving out many chunks of the books' narrative in order to  focus more on the friendship of three protagonists, and how their relationship withstands the devastating time of earthquake in Gujarat(2001), communal riots(2002). The story begins with three young men whose dream was to start a sports goods shop outside a temple along with a cricket coaching academy finally coming true.   But how their personal aspirations coupled with natural disaster and communal flare affects their friendship & lives, forms the rest of the story. The first half of the movie focuses on the camaraderie between three, with light moments establishing their character traits.  However it is the second half where the pace picks up as their town is caught in tragedies of earthquake followed by riots. These events act as catalyst, showing us the true colors of the three lead characters, as they struggle to not only keep their friendship alive but also come face to face with their inner demons.

STARCAST                          :                               RAJ KUMAR YADAV  has played the character of  GOVIND who is a dreamer with business sense whose ultimate aim is to start his own sports talent agency. He looks and behaves very much like a typical money minded person who always prefers to stay away from adventurous activities.  I feel there is revelation of a new AMIT SADH ( OMI ) from this movie as he has delivered a brilliant performance as son of a priest who later on joins politics on insistence of his maternal uncle. His face expressions,body language and anguish in eyes, on death of his parents contain a lot of maturity and speak for themselves. But it is SUSHANT RAJPUT ( ISHAAN )  who walks away with maximum applause as his character is that of a doer who believes in doing things his own way. In fact from the promos it was looking to be a Sushant's movie all the way but in the movie all three have been able to hold their forts with conviction. Not to forget AMRITA PURI ( VIDYA ) & MANAV KAUL (MAMA) who shine in their respective characters. In fact Abhishek Kapur's decision of using raw and talented actors  instead of accomplished stars really works in favor of the movie. RajKumar Yadav has essayed his role convincingly and has already given some memorable performances in the past but it is Sushant & Amit who turn out as surprise package. The confidence of Sushant in front of camera is surprisingly impeccable and after this performance he is definitely going to be in for a long run .

TECHNICAL ASPECTS        :             If a movie works well despite non inclusion of big stars than definitely the technical finesse of the movie definitely deserves applause. Background music is by HITESH SONIC who has done an impressive job with respect to narrative of the movie. AMIT TRIVEDI's music has variety as well as eclecticism, and his exquisite melodies reiterates the troika's exuberance and idealism. ANAY GOSWAMI as cinematographer has radiantly captured prerogative of buddy-dom and lit up every frame with finesse. MUKESH CHHABRA who is the casting director also deserves applause for putting together such an appropriate cast. Not to forget the contribution of editor DEEPA BHATIA who has kept the momentum going throughout the movie because of her crisp editing. But it is ABHISHEK KAPOOR who deserves to walk away with cake for brilliantly executing this tale in his own cinematic vision. Kapoor clearly recognises the strengths & limitations of this tale as a motion picture and labours to compound an emotionally worth rooting even if it means significant departure from the source. It's a risk that he took which totally worked in his favor as Kapoor's vision and execution seem to be in sync

WOW MOMENTS                    :                               This movie is bag-full of wow moments but a scene  where Sushant is sitting in solitude on the rooftop and his sister comes to cheer him up is quite emotional. Rajkumar running barefoot to check the condition of his store on the advent of earthquake has come out well. Watch out for the scene where Amit Sadh exhibits emotional trauma on receiving news about killing of his parents.

CONCLUSION                           :                                       It is one of those rare movies that reveal a shrewd oxymoron of ambition and reality that characterises the zeal and anxiety of youth.Whether it's the captivating performances, the ambitious narrative or poetic cinematography , KPC is superior in texture and commendably subtle. It is refreshing to see three young men on celluloid who are not chasing chicks on campus riding flashy vehicles, no woman stepping into the equation to cause an imbalance. So go and watch KPC if u like subtle refreshing cinema full of soul executed deftly with a touch of realism in it.

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