Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Movie Review Of SINGH Vs KAUR (Punjabi Flick)



We've seen it all in Bollywood : Good meaty chunk of pointless predictability,sadistic violence,mindless one liners,exotic locations and all-powerful Protagonist who can alone rescue the leading lady as well as us from boredom. SINGH vs KAUR takes the same genre forward but in Pollywood. Since the advent of technically superior Punjabi cinema involving huge budget has just begun, so makers focus on churning entertainers can be anticipated.

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY    :                                                                 The credit for the story and screenplay goes to DHEERAJ RATTAN  who has weaved a story with all kinds of commercial elements thrown in required to make a entertaining potboiler. Hero of the movie Nihaal Singh (Gippy) is a village bumpkin and an eyesore for villagers due to his notorious actvities . Situation turns ugly when he lies about having a Canadian girlfriend named Jasneet (Surveen) and his friend n partner in crime Taari (Binnu) shows a picture of her that he's downloaded from Facebook. Cut next on emotional persistence of her mother our hero flies to Canada and meets Taari's uncle (B N Sharma), his son and Simrat (Japji Khaira) who help him to locate Jasneet who turns out to be a late billionare's only daughter and is truly in love with someone else. Jasneet faces threat to her life,our hero rescues her and becomes her bodyguard, brings her to India for her safety where His mother n villagers start treating her as his wife. Later Simrat too turns up in village n her parents take Nihaal to be her husband. I hope you would have imagined the rest.

STARCAST         :                                                  The whole movie revolves around GIPPY GREWAL who has been definitely proving his finesse as a singer and lent his star value to lot of earlier Punjabi flicks. But in this movie he has come out good as an actor especially in Comedy genre. His face expressions & intensity have improved tremendously and the director has helmed some excellent action scenes to project him as next Turbonator. SURVEEN CHAWLA  shines as far as her looks are concerned but on the acting front she gives an impression of still being puerile and unfledged. BINNU DHILLON once again proves why he is rated as one of the best and most versatile comedians of Industry and you chortle when he comes on screen. In fact JAPJI KHAIRA deserves a mention as she has come out really good in this movie. B.M.SHARMA & KARAMJEET ANMOL also succeed in bringing a smile to your face although their screen presence is very reistricted and both deserved a couple of scenes more.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS     :                                JATINDER SHAH who is the music director of this has managed to dole out average numbers and none apart from MASSI song has become a Chartbuster. Cinematography is by JITAN HARMEET SINGH who has credibly been able to capture some real good moments behind his lens. Action is by RAM LAXMAN who have done a commendable job and have given some great action scenes ever seen in Pollywood and made GIPPY GREWAL look like a real action hero. Editing by MANISH MORE is slick but the real concern is length of the movie which is around 150 minutes. NAVNIAT SINGH as a director has done a good job as he has paid deft attention to maintain overall looks of the movie. The drawback of the movie is that makers have tried to put in too much of every emotion consisting of comedy, romance, raw action, family values which not only varies the pace of narration frequently but also increases the final length of movie. Had DHEERAJ & NAVNIAT  who although have done a good job taken care of this aspect too, S w K had the potential to become a real huge hit.

WOW MOMENTS                :                                 Watch out for the scenes of Gippy with village fatso girl as they are real witty. Confrontation of villagers with Gippy n Binnu is full of outrageous laughter. A couple of action scenes have been shot very well in Punjabi Matrix style.

CONCLUSION                      :                                  This movie has been made with just one intention which Vidya Balan stated in The Dirty Picture i.e. Entertaiment 3 times. It is undoubtedly a good attempt in making commercial Pollywood movie but it might not appeal to all sections of the crowd.