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Singh is Bliing :: Movie Review

Singh is Bliing helmed by Prabhudheva takes you on a joyride replete with well synchronized comedy, romance, action, drama but to enjoy this joyride, you have leave your brains outside while entering the theater to watch the movie. There has been a lot riding on this film and why not, when you have Prabhudheva & Akshay Kumar teaming up again after immensely successful 'Rowdy Rathore'. Just a word of caution before you make your mind to go & watch this film; Singh Is Bliing is neither for intellectuals nor for those who seek logic whilst watching a movie. It's a hardcore entertainer made with the sole purpose of giving you a good time which it does, provided you just don't look for logic. The plotline maybe paper-thin, perhaps ludicrous and farcical but Prabhudeva's film is very high on entertainment. Prabhudheva has the knack of making immensely watchable fares that cater to the aam junta. Singh is Bliing isn't a foolproof movie. It has its share of flaws, the turns of events aren't captivating at times, but Singh Is Bliing moves so fast (Thanks to its pacy editing by Steven H Bernard) and packs in so much, there's no time to analyze or ponder. Singh is Bliing works because it delivers what it promises: Full On Entertainment. In essence, the Sikhs are a community of immensely hard-working men, who like their chicken spicy and their whiskey strong. The Singh goes wild in Singh is Bliing, and -- just like their weddings are the most spirited, and their music the most dancefloor-worthy -- this one might not have much thought behind it, but Holy Harbhajan, the film thumps with the rhythmic, excessive energy of a loud dhol. It's a hoot. As a director, Prabhudheva himself has thankfully avoided the catastrophically high-pitched attempts at amalgamating slapstick with high octane action he pitched in both R...RajKumar and Action Jackson, as this is a film that doesn't try that hard. As a result, it's significantly funnier----despite the fact that the script, in itself, isn't really laden with jokes but with whacky situations. What it does have is detail, and detail comes across so much better when charmer is devilishly filling in between the lines, creating inanely irresistible humor out of the wideness of a grin, the yanking of kurta-sleeves or just the essential addition of lines so natural they can't be anything but improvised. He might look like a simpleton, but this Akshay Kumar is a maestro for sure. Final word ? Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment.....thy name is Singh Is Bliing.         

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                             ::             The story as well as screenplay of the movie has been penned down by Shiraz Ahmed where as the dialogues of the movie have been written by Chintan Gandhi. While the central plot is pretty commonplace, the screenplay packs a solid punch, with several clap-trap situations interlaced in the narrative, though it slips into the knowable zones at times. Surely, there are a few limp moments but a swift narrative outweighs this inadequacy. The film begins in Punjab with musical introduction of Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar) who is leading a carefree life but is apple of his mother's (Rati Agnihotri) eyes. Fed up with his silly antics, Raftaar's father (Yograj Singh) gives him two options. While the first option is to marry his friend's overweight daughter, the second option is to pack his bags and leave for Goa and help his friend (Pradeep Rawat) in his business. A reluctant Raftaar chooses the second option and heads for Goa along with his two bosom pals (Arfi Lamba & Anil Mange). Meanwhile, in Romania Sara (Amy Jackson) who is the daughter of a mafioso (Kunal Kapoor) upsets another mafioso Mark (Kay Kay Menon). Mark is quite upset with Sara and is gunning for her life. Sara decides to leave for Goa and reside with her father's friend who co-incidentally is Raftaar's boss. Raftaar's boss gives him the responsibility of being with Sara for her protection and well being. Now, there is catch....Sara doesn't speak Hindi and Raftaar is miles away from English language. To overcome this situation, Raftaar's pals hire a translator Emily (Lara Dutta). While Raftaar is a tad too emotional, Sara is blunt. Emily intentionally does wrong translations of Sara's blunt relies to Raftaar leading to various hilarious moments. Sara has another reason for landing up in Goa which is to find her long lost mother. With the help of Raftaar and his pals, Sara begins to locate her mother in Goa. While Raftaar develops an instant liking for Sara, Sara too begins to fall in love with Raftaar with due passage of time. As romance starts brewing up between both of them, Mark threatens to kill Sara's family in case she doesn't marry him. Our Punjab da puttar, Raftaar reaches Romania along with Sara's mother. Will Sara marry Mark to protect her family, Will Raftaar be able to express his feelings for Sara, Will Raftaar be able to thwart the evil plans of Mark, Will Raftaar & Sara get married is what forms the rest of the story.      

STARCAST                                                                      ::     Mukesh Chhabra (Casting Director), once again proves why he has become a name to reckon with in his field by assembling a fine coterie of actors for this movie. Akshay Kumar takes rapid strides with Singh Is Bliing. Sure, you've seen him in comic fares time & again and perhaps, there might be a doubt, Will he carry it off yet again ? Oh yes, he does ! There seems to be no saturation point as far as Akshay Kumar is concerned. Akshay holds your attention in every sequence, irrespective of how strong the scene is, and that's the biggest compliment for any actor. Singh Is Bliing without Akshay is like an ocean without Marine life. Easy to understand why Akshay is proving to be a King Midas at the box office. His rustic, anti-urbane heroics in film instantly raise the underdog on a pedestal and strike a chord with the aam janta. The camera loves Amy Jackson and it shows in Singh Is Bliing. She looks bewitching and enacts her part with tremendous confidence. Amy is evolving as an actress with every subsequent film of hers. Kay Kay Menon once again proves that he is a powerhouse of talent. As the central antagonist of this movie, Menon does a fine job and shows how quite a seasoned performer he is. Lara Dutta as Emily is a delight to watch in this movie. As the geeky translator, she manages to raise lot of guffaws in the movie and has portrayed her character with utmost conviction. Lara has ably showcased her comic finesse in this movie with her perfect comic timing and delivering some great punchlines with ease. Rati Agnihotri & Yograj Singh have perfectly fitted the bill as Raftaar's parents. Kunal Kapoor (Shashi Kapoor's son) who has appeared on screen after a long hiatus has portrayed the character of Sara's father earnestly. Arfi Lamba has given a measured and hilarious performance as Raftaar's friend. But, it is Anil Mange who is a delight to watch as Raftaar's other friend. Anil Mange's career seems to be on an upsurge as he was recently seen in Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat, Hero and now Singh Is Bliing. Anil seems to have penchant for comedy and his facial expressions are a treat to watch. Pradeep Rawat is first rate as Raftaar's boss. Mohan Kapoor manages to leave a impression during his short stint on-screen as Kunal's trusted aide.   

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                    ::               The musical soundtrack of the movie has been composed by Sneha Khanwalkar, Manj Musik, Sajid-Wajid along with Meet Bros Anjjan. To sum up, the songs of Singh is Bliing are at best, fun while they last. The background score composed by Amar Mohile is apt enough to enliven the on-screen proceedings. The cinematographer of the movie is Dudley who has done an excellent job of capturing visuals and deserves all the praise for the same. Dudley has ably captured beauty in every form right from scenic locales of Romania to sizzling beauty of Amy Jackson. Cinematography by Dudley is tempting enough to lure your eyeballs for a visual treat. Apart from Dudley, Sunil Babu (Production Designer) and Esha Amin (Costume Designer for Akshay & Amy) deserve a special mention as they have given a real stylish feel to the movie with their respective contributions. The movie has been edited by Steven H Bernard who has kept the run-time of the movie to 141 minutes. Steven Bernard's work at the editing table deserves appreciation as he has ably kept the momentum going throughout the movie with his crisp editing. It is because of Steven's razor sharp editing that the movie moves so fast and packs in too much that flaws in the script are outweighed. As a director, Prabhudheva is back in form after his debacle 'Action Jackson' and has helmed another full on masala entertainer. Prabhudheva's spirited execution of the subject forms another USP of the movie. With Singh Is Bliing, Prabhudheva has proved that he is a name to reckon with when it comes to filming formulaic commercial potboilers. 

CONCLUSION                                                                   ::        Singh is Bliing is the emblematic formula movie with distinct essentials that Indian masses yearn for. If you savor typical masaledaar fares, this one should be on your have-to-watch listing for certain. 

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