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Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon :: Movie Review

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon which marks Kapil Sharma's foray into Bollywood and Director duo Abbas Mustan's foray into comedy genre is a situational comedy replete with chaos, confusions, witty one liners, polygamy making it a delightful fare provided you watch it without putting your thinking caps on. Director duo, Abbas Mustan who have a penchant for making thrillers have utilized their skills to helm a comedy film this time. And, they have taken big time inspiration from the 90's flicks directed by David Dhawan and to some extent from films of Anees Bazme whose mantra is simple ; thrown in lots of characters, create chaos, make them undergo some obnoxious situations and an illogical comedy film is complete. But, in order to enjoy & relish such movies, you have to just sit back, relax and enjoy the on-screen proceedings without using your brain and trying to find logic in the narrative. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon falls under the same category of movies and seems to be inspired from Govinda starrer 'Sajan Chale Sasural' and Anees Bazmee's 'No Entry'. KKPK has a wafer-thin plot which has been done to death umpteen times before but the constant flow of gags and witty one liners never let the entertainment quotient of the movie dip. The movie might be nonsensical, callous but it doesn't let boredom come near you while you are watching it. The makers have presented the topic of polygamy in most hilarious fashion. KKPK carries forward the bequest of 1990's, where surreptitiously bigamous and harried husbands were commonly featured in mindless comedies so much so to make it qualify as a sub-genre. KKPK takes it even a few notches higher as the movie's protagonist i.e. Kapil Sharma not only has three wives who are unaware about each other but also has a girlfriend that he intends to marry, making it a double whammy. It is how he manages his three wives who are living in the same building albeit at different floors with the help of his trusted friend played by Varun Sharma and the situations that arise while keeping them away from each other that lend lots of plausible moments to this film making it a delightful watch. Some of the exceptional scenes which deserve a mention are ; The mall scene where all the three wives arrive for shopping making Kapil go jittery and on top of it, his would be father-in-law is also present in the mall which leads to various hilarious moments. The underwear scene where Kapil's underwear falls down in the balcony from the upper floor where he is living with his other wife and the housemaid comes searching for it. This scene has been captured well and will leave you in splits. Also, scenes involving Varun Sharma who always comes up with a scientific theory and Newton's law to save Kapil's skin are a delight to watch. Interestingly, Kapil has stored his wives phone numbers as 'Head Office', 'Branch Office', 'Area Office' and his girlfriend's number as 'Enquiry Office' where as Varun has stored Kapil's number as 'Tension'.   

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                          ::                   The story of the movie has been penned down by Anukalp Goswami where as the screenplay/dialogues of the film have been co-penned by Anukalp Goswami & Dheeraj Sarna. Though the plot has nothing new to offer but the quirky dialogues, punchlines and witty one-liners do the trick in this situational comedy. Like when Kapil's wife says " Bhagwaan Aap Jaisa Pati sab ko de", it does the trick as Kapil already has four women in his life. The film begins with voice-over of Varun Sharma who defines the meaning of marriage and how Kumar Shiv Ram Kishan (Kapil Sharma) got married thrice  Every time Kumar went ahead to lend a helping hand to a girl in distress, he ended up marrying her and that is how he got married to Simran (Simran Kaur Mundi), Juhi (Manjari Phadnis) and Anjali (Sai Lokur). He has been able to successfully hide his other marriages from all three wives but is not able to give them time as they reside in different localities. He discusses the same problem with his close friend and Lawyer Karan (Varun Sharma) who advises him to make his three wives stay in the building albeit on different floors. As per the film, all three of his marriages were Haadsas (Accidental marriages) as Kumar is actually in love with Deepika (Eli Avram) and wants to marry her. Due to the fear of loosing her, Kumar hides the fact about his marriages from Deepika. Meanwhile, all his three wives who are living in the same building become friends with each other. To add to Kumar's woes, his estranged parents (Sharat Saxena & Supriya Pathak) arrive in Mumbai. Things become more murkier when Deepika becomes friends with his other three wives. Things take a hilarious turn when his three wives turn up as witnesses from Bride's side when Kumar is getting married to Deepika in a court. Will his three wives come to know about the reality, Will Kumar and Deepika get married is what forms the rest of the story.       

STARCAST                                                               ::                    Kapil Sharma who has made a smooth transition from Television to Big Screen could not have asked for a better start as he is virtually present in almost every frame of the movie. Comedy is his forte and hence he has carried the weight of the movie entirely on his shoulders. His comic finesse and delivery of punches and one liners in the movie is simply flawless. Kapil is very good in making poker faces when caught in obnoxious situations which the makers have utilized to the hilt in this movie. But, it was a pleasant change to see Kapil doing good in emotional scenes too proving his mettle as an actor. Manjari Phadnis has given an earnest performance as Juhi. Manjari is a fine actress with lot of potential. Simran Kaur Mundi looks the hottest out of all his three wives and has portrayed her character in the most convincing manner. Sai Lokur is apt enough as Anjali and has portrayed her character earnestly who is keen to become a mother and keeps on urging Kapil for the same. Varun Sharma with his comic timing proves that he is here to stay in the industry for a long time. He along with Kapil delivers the best punches in the movie that raise lot of guffaws. Varun has got an innocent looking face which he utilizes to the optimum while delivering witty one liners. Eli Avram not only looks drop dead gorgeous but its a treat to watch her perform in dance numbers. When it comes to acting, she has improved a lot since  her last outing i.e. Mickey Virus. Arbaaz Khan who plays the character of a deaf Don in the movie is a delight to watch. With his poker faced expressions paying no heed to what other are saying, he makes you laugh to the fullest. Sharat Saxena & Supriya Pathak have given earnest performances as estranged parents of Kapil. A special mention of Jamie Lever (Johnny Lever's daughter) for her excellent performance as maid in the movie. Her frequent banters with Simran and understanding of Newton's (Nutan in her language) laws from Varun are a treat to watch. Jamie ably adds to the entertainment quotient of the movie with her delightful performance. Manoj Joshi is simply first rate as Deepika's father in the movie. Manoj is a fine, versatile actor who has essayed the character of a concerned father who keeps on suspecting his would be son-in-law in most enchanting & comical manner.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                     ::              The musical soundtrack of the movie that has been composed by Javed Mohsin, Amjad, Nadeem is quite average with none of the tracks staying with you once you exit the cinema hall. The cinematographer of the movie is Dilshad V A who has done a fine job behind the lens and captured some stunning vistas. The movie has been edited by Hussain Burmawalla who has kept the run-time of movie to 136 minutes. His racy n taut editing is one of the highlights of the movie as the action keeps on unfolding one after other at break neck speed without any hiccups. As directors, Abbas Mustan have proven their forte when it comes to making thrillers but this is their first attempt at making a comedy and they don't disappoint you. They have made an entertaining movie out of an absurd plot full of stupidities by ably infusing it with quirky dialogues and comic punches. Abbas Mustan never let the speed of narrative dip at any point of time and pepper the narrative with constant flow of one liners. They have ably extracted the best from their cast especially Kapil, Varun, Arbaaz Khan & Jamie Lever.  

CONCLUSION                                                             ::               With constant flow of comic punches and witty one liners, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon offers dollops of entertainment via tomfoolery acts of Kapil Sharma. Watch the movie by leaving your logical skills behind and you won't be disappointed. 

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