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Meeruthiya Gangsters :: Movie Review

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Meeruthiya Gangsters written & helmed by Zeishan Quadri takes you on a zany ride laden with bromance, ambition, greed and quirk making it a good amusing watch. Zeishan Quadri who wrote Anurag Kashyap's "Gangs of Wasseypur" has a penchant for detailing which is quite evident in Meeruthiya Gangsters. Zeishan has etched out his characters replete with their characteristics masterfully and the candid portrayal of them by his actors, acts as an icing on the cake. On top of it, Zeishan's choice of real locales to shoot the movie provides a further impetus to the on-screen proceedings. The humor laced quirky dialogues lend some of the most plausible moments to this movie.  

The screenplay of the movie has been penned down by Zeishan Quadri along with Gibran Noorani, Pradeep Atulari and Gunjan Saxena. They have cleverly concocted the screenplay lending the movie certain intonation coupled with tumult. It is the hearty banter exchanged between the principle characters of the movie while planning and executing the plan which adds to the humor quotient of the movie. Apart from being Gangster drama, the script focuses on bromance between its protagonists who share a close knit bond and reunite with each other after drifting apart when sailing through troubled waters. Mind you, even the female characters in this movie are not just mere eye candy and are a part of murkier plotting and scheming. Coming to the storyline, Nikhil (Jaideep Ahlawat), Amit (Aakash Dhaiya), Rahul (Chandarchoor Rai), Sanjeev Foreigner (Jatin Sarna), Sunny (Shadab Kamal), Gagan (Vansh Bhardwaj) are Meerut based college buddies. After the college is over, the six friends start looking for jobs and it is than that they start facing the harsh realities of life. They realize that to pursue their goals in life they need to raise money first. In order to make quick money, they kidnap a businessman and successfully are able to extract ransom money. They use the ransom money to please a private company's officials so that they are able to get coveted jobs in the company but they fail to get the jobs as they don't have MBA degree which is pre requisite for the job. When they come to know that they have been duped, they kidnap the Regional Manager of the company. After this they embark on a random series of robbing and kidnapping. Things are going well for them until Inspector R K Singh (Mukul Dev) arrives on scene. Hereafter, begins a cat and mouse chase game with lots of twists and turns.

Jaideep Ahlawat who proved his mettle as an actor by playing the role of antagonist in 'Commando' is back with a bang. As Nikhil who is the leader of the gang, Jaideep lends an aura of authenticity to his character with his acting prowess.  Jaideep deserves to be seen frequently on-screen playing meatier roles. Aakash Dahiya shows the actor that he can be with his impeccable performance in Meeruthiya Gangsters. Aakash ably delves deep unto the skin of his character and portrays the finer nuances of his character with utmost conviction. Jatin Sarna as Sanjeev Foreigner has given an earnest performance. Watch out for him in the scene where he loses his ear during a gang war. Chandarchoor Rai, Shadab Kamal & Vansh Bhardwaj have given apt performances as per the characters assigned to them. Brijendra Kala is another fine actor who manages to leave a impression irrespective of the duration of his on-screen appearance. His comic timing coupled with his distinctive style of dialogue delivery, makes his act a treat to watch. Same holds true for Sanjay Mishra. Sanjay is one of the finest versatile actors of Indian film fraternity and in this movie he evokes plenty of laughter by playing the character of 'Mama' to the hilt. Mukul Dev has been cast pitch perfect as the tough as nails cop . Mukul Dev is particularly masterful as vengeful, despotic cop who wears his attitude up his sleeve. Mukul has pulled off this role with right amount of intensity & attitude as per the traits of his character.  

Plenty of tonal correctness of the narrative must go to Naren Gedia's brilliant unadorned cinematography, which locks in on the stunning visuals of violence and action without falling into the mistake of making the frames look prettier than the grim situation they are meant to capture. Naren's cinematography uses cluttered garish spaces to create a sense of spiritual emptiness during times of tremendous stress and anxiety. As a debutante director, Zeishan Quadri scores ample of brownie points for crafting his vision eloquently on-screen. As a writer, Zeishan seems to know the rugged hinterland of blood savagery, lawlessness and abuses which he has penned down with finesse. And as a director, Zeishan ably transports us from the civilized society where we live in and takes us to the rugged hinterland where lawlessness still rules the land.  

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