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Dildariyaan :: Movie Review

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Dildariyaan helmed by Pankaj Batra is full on family entertainer that takes you on a fun ride that has been embellished with quirk, emotions, drama, good music, soulful romance making it an enthralling watch. Pankaj Batra who has earlier gifted two baguettes to Punjabi Celluloid in the form of 'Naughty Jatts' and 'Goreyaan Nu Daffa Karo' is back with his latest offering 'Dildariyaan'. Comedy has been Pankaj's forte which he has showcased in his previous two flicks but Dildariyaan is a soft romantic movie which is peppered with ample dosage of laughter. What sets apart Dildariyaan from films of its ilk is the way this movie has been crafted. Though, the basic premise of storyline is unrelentless love but the movie breezes past at a swift pace without any unnecessary melodrama or cliches. That is the biggest U.S.P. of this entertainer. Dildariyaan is embellished with a taut screenplay and good performances especially for audience who like entertainers laden with genuine wit, emotions and humor which comes naturally as the screenplay progresses. On surface, this may seem like an uncomplicated story, but scratch the exterior and there's a strong undercurrent of comic elements ready to explode and engulf you. That is probably why Dildariyaan appears to exude much greater energy n exuberance than it intrinsically possesses. This movie, with its apt plot and wickedly spot- on characterizations is the kind of fast paced and witty love story whose several moments will surely make you roll with laughter in your seats. Pankaj Batra and his team have fashioned a fiercely funny love fable filled with loads of innocuous innuendos. Dildariyaan, wickedly moves at its own volition with a crazy pattern of comic chaos that stops being short of being anarchic due to finely tuned situational satire simulated. Exclamations are the only punctuations in this seamless comic love fable played at an impossibly high octave, without getting shrill. 
STORY & SCREENPLAY                       ::                                                         The story,screenplay as well as dialogues of the movie have been penned down by Jagdeep Singh who has smartly constructed a collage of characters who further lend several plausible moments to the film. He has cleverly interlaced this love story with ample moments of genuine humor with his effective writing skills. I'll say one of the main strengths of this film has turned out to be its writing as erudition sits easily, spontaneously and unobtrusively on Jagdeep's narration. What makes it watchable is that humor has not been forcibly added in the form of gags but funny situations have been finely simulated which catapults the movie into a finely tuned situational comedy. The most recognizable elements of PUNJABIYAT are in full florid display, hence making it a full on entertainer. The best part is that the script breezes past without any major breakdowns primarily because it doesn't get too adventurous and sticks to its chosen line. And to top it all, it delivers some quirky detours that are made all the more engaging due to consistent quality of acting by most of the actors. The film begins in Punjab where team of Guggu Gill and his daughter, Sagarika Ghatge is flexing their muscles in a local village fight tournament. Cut next, Sagarika is leaving for a town to study and appear in IELTS test. As she boards the bus, running Jassi Gill arrives and sits next to her. Jassi gets be-smitten by Sagarika at her first sighting and falls heads over heels for her. He comes to know that she has come to town to study for IELTS test, so he starts hunting for her at coaching centers. After locating her, he too enrolls for the coaching classes. Soon, friendship engulfs between both as Sagarika finds him to be a good natured guy. Before Jassi is able to disclose his feelings to her, Sagarika tells him that she is already engaged which comes as a shocker to him. A relentless Jassi, follows Sagarika to her home at the village in hope of winning over her and her father. I won't spill the rest of the beans as what follows next is for you to go and watch at a theater near you.   
STARCAST                                                     ::                                Jassi Gill, singer turned actor has featured in some films before this one. But after watching Dildariyaan, one can succinctly say that Jassi Gill has truly arrived in the acting arena. He has portrayed his character of being cute, witty, funny and strong willed too with a fair sense of conviction. Jassi is simply outstanding in the movie which proves that he's really worked hard on honing up his acting skills. Sagarika Ghatge who makes her debut in Pollywood via this movie doesn't let an iota of doubt cross your mind regarding her being a Non-Punjabi with effective portrayal of her character in the movie. She not only looks drop-dead-gorgeous but also enacts her character with panache. Sagarika has ably enacted her part with right amount of confidence, attitude and ebullience making it a treat to watch her perform on-screen. Binnu Dhillon......just the mere mention of his name is good enough to bring a smile on many faces. He's got a perfect slapstick character to play as it is through his character that most of the sleazy, juvenile humor comes. But, the ease with which he has portrayed and expressed a synthesis of the slimy and the slippery without falling out of his character is commendable. Binnu is definitely one of the best comic talents around. Karamjit Anmol's straight faced, matter of fact style of comedy coupled with his innocent face expressions is bone-tickling to the core. Karamjit is one fine actor who essays varied characters assigned to him with complete conviction. It's a welcome change to see Guggu Gill portraying a mellowed down character of Sagarika's father in the movie. Baninderjit Singh Bunny has also come up with a fine performance. Baninder's hearty banter with his friends coupled with his distinctive style of dialogue delivery is a treat to watch. He is at his comical best in the movie. Not to miss out, Master Anmol Verma who manages to raise aplenty of guffaws in the movie as the younger cousin of Sagarika.  
TECHNICAL FINESSE                                          ::                  The musical soundtrack of the movie that has been composed by Jatinder Shah is a winner all the way with its varied numbers. Two numbers which stand out in the album are 'Hor Na Azmaa' & 'Pagg'. A special mention of Manmeet Bindra (Costume Designer) for his effective contribution in his field. Plenty of credit for the tonal correctness of the movie must go to the cinematographer of the movie i.e. Vineet Malhotra who has captured stunning visuals with the roving eye of his lens. The movie has been edited by Praveen Kathikuloth who has kept the run-time of the movie to 117 minutes. Praveen has done a swell job at the editing table as with his crisp editing, he has been able to maintain a constant tempo throughout the movie without letting the narrative dip at any given duration. As a director, Pankaj Batra has once again hit the bulls eye once again after his last two successful outings i.e. Naughty Jatts & Goreyaan Nu Daffa Karo. As captain of the ship, Pankaj has ensured smooth sailing for Dildariyaan. With Dildariyaan, Pankaj has proved that he knows the pulse of the audience and is a name to reckon with when it comes to helming entertainers. Pankaj's eye for detailing can be attributed as his strongest point as in every scene, the ambiance he sets, the mood he creates, the pitch of it all shows the director's potential with regard to attaining finesse in the matter at hand.

CONCLUSION                                                                 ::            Dildariyaan surely pampers your funny bones and relieves you of all your stress with some brilliant performances & witty dialogues which have been knitted together to entertain you to the core. This fun filled romantic fable is full of entertainment quotient and is a good family watch for Punjabi Cine Lovers. 

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