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KILL/DIL Movie Review

KILL DIL is a stylish, suave flick which has got ample of LOL & ROFL moments in the screenplay with bullets flying in-between but its hurried n absurd ending spoils half the fun. Shaad Ali whose last directorial feature namely Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was a big time disaster has come up with a movie with Mafia world in the background albeit in a stylish way. If you are one of those who after watching promos formed an opinion that this movie along with its title KILL DIL has been inspired from Quentin Tarantino style of cinema than here's a reality check for you ; it is not. Although, the backdrop of the story is definitely mafia but the movie focuses more on romance, bromance and relationships. Kill Dil has its characters driven by fashion class. They love jackets and goggles even when they are gunning down the targets given or being punched by their foes. The makers have the cinematic liberty and we allow them to take its full advantage. But Shaad Ali despite taking much liberty for Kill Dil doesn’t kill the sole purpose of the entire movie. The drama has the tendency to keep you hooked to your seats without any forced scene to spoil the mood. Kill Dil features Ranveer Singh (Dev) and Ali Zafar (Tutu) as best friends who work as contract killers for their God-father Govinda (Bhaiyaji). While, beautiful Parineeti Chopra (Disha) plays the role of a sweet and free-spirited girl who soon becomes Ranveer Singh's dream girl and both fall in love with each other which provides the twist in the tale. The first half of the movie is real fun with both guns & laughter entertaining to the core but the narrative starts loosing its grip in the second half. The camaraderie between Ali Zafar & Ranveer Singh is too good and has to be seen to believed and so are the romantic scenes between Ranveer & Parineeti. In fact, it are these moments dished out by Shaad Ali that make the movie watchable. Had the ending been not that botched up & couple of songs less, the movie would have definitely done better.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                                    ::           The screenplay of the movie has been penned down by the trio of Nitesh Tiwari, Shreyas Jain & Nikhil Mehrotra. Now, don’t be fooled by its deja-vu premise. Kill Dil has innovation with its altered screenplay and execution. Yes, the logics take a back seat here but not to an extent that spoils the flow. The director mostly uses the dialogues and his character, the blend of which helps in making this movie entertaining.  Little predictable but who cares when you are supplied with ample moving scenes. Take the camaraderie of the two friends- Dev and Tutu or their equation with ‘Bhaiyaji’, the moments never fall short of amusement. The movie begins with Dev ( Ranveer Singh ) & Tutu ( Ali Zafar ) narrating as well as recording the tale of their life in a camcorder. As children, both of them are found abandoned on streets by Bhaiyaji ( Govinda ) who nurtures and brings them up. Right, from childhood both of them indulge in notorious activities and instead of going to school bury their books underneath the sand. Gradually, both of them grow up to be henchmen of Bhaiyaji and become his sharp shooters. Though, Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar both happen to be ruthless killers, Ranveer is seen as a rather innocent and childish guy while, Ali is a more practical man, both follow Govinda's orders with closed eyes. While, life was going as usual for both Ranveer and Ali, the former comes in contact with Parineeti Chopra and cupid strikes the duo. Ranveer and Parineeti madly fall in love with each other and Ranveer decides to quit all bad works to have a happy future with his lady love. Dev decides to leave the crime world and this time goes and buries his gun underneath the sand, the same way he buried his books in childhood. Now, he starts hunting for a job and also procures a M.B.A degree with the help of Tutu & his gun. Finally, he gets a job in an insurance company courtesy our age old Babuji Alok Nath  who sits in an office where garlanded picture of Nirupa Roy is hung on the back wall.( LOL moment ). However, fate strikes back and Ranveer's past did not allow him to have a better present. Thus, starts a clash between call of love and call of loyalty, on which the movie Kill Dil is based upon. To know whether Ranveer finally is able to come out of the dirty world and live a life happily ever after, you have to watch the film.

STARCAST                                                               ::                             Full marks to the Shanoo Sharma who is the casting director of this movie for choosing the apt starcast as per their characterizations. When i first heard that the chocolaty singer cum actor Ali Zafar was playing the role of a gangster, i was bit skeptical whether he would fit the bill. But, Ali Zafar has done complete justice to the role assigned to him. He looks every inch the character assigned to him and has proven his versatility as an actor by playing this role. Ranveer Singh is not only growing in popularity but also elevating his stature as an actor with release of every movie he acts in. After portraying intense characters in Lootera & Ram Leela, Ranveer Singh is back in action. He looks dashing, charming and adorable in the stylized avatar and his expressions change dramatically when he is on a killing spree. Ranveer has once again proved why he is rated so high in the industry and is definitely a superstar in the making. No other actress would have suited the character of Disha, the way Parineeti has. She has not only looked gorgeous but also portrayed her character in a very natural manner. But, standing tall amongst all these actors is Govinda as Bhaiyaji who has nailed the negative character assigned to him. The way he dances, laughs and delivers his dialogues is a treat to watch. He is simply brilliant as the menacing Godfather.       

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                   ::                                 The soundtrack of the movie has been composed by the talented trio of Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy who have charted out a brilliant album. The title track "Kill Dil " is hummable and stays with you for long time even after the movie is over.   "Sweeta " & " Bol Beliya " are also real good tracks. The lyrics of the songs have been penned down by Gulzar and are apt enough as per the situations of the songs in the movie. The cinematographer of the movie is Avik Mukhopadhyay who has done a wonderful job behind the lens as his cinematography is plush and passionate  and yet the film's visuals never topples over into the kingdom of the garish. To his credit, he has used myriad range of colors in the frames according to the requirement of the scene which really act as optical enhancement. The movie has been edited by Ritesh Soni who has kept the runtime of the movie to 127 minutes. The editing of the movie is taut n crisp albeit a couple of songs could have been done away with. Director Shaad Ali manages to woo you over and get you hooked into the movie as the movie begins but as the movie paces ahead, his hold begins to falter. He has ably extracted the best from his cast n crew and to add to Ali's credit, he doesn’t overdramatise situations by making it unnecessarily melodramatic. The confrontations, conflicts and its resolutions are swift. If director Ali had done away with the songs & hadn't given the movie an abrupt ending, he would have done his film a huge favour.

CONCLUSION                                                       ::                         Kill Dil isn't a completely write off movie as it begins with a stylized tone, has some endearing performances, good music but gradually the movie looses its steam because of bad writing, couple of extra songs & had the ending been not that hurried & warped, it would have been a good watch. 

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