Sunday, 30 November 2014

A pity that Zed Plus, a Brilliant Political satire is succumbing in front of useless formulaic films due to lack of star power.


I was surprised, shocked and agonized when I entered Cinema Hall to watch Zed Plus as there were bare minimum audience present in the theater to watch this movie. I feel Zed Plus is one of the finest, hard hitting, Political Satire to have hit Indian Screens in recent times which constantly makes you smile all through its run time. And mind you, unlike other movies the humor doesn't flow through poker faced characters or forced gags but flows through the situations which have been intelligently constructed in the screenplay. 
                                                            As per the trade reports, the movie has managed to collect a meager amount of Rs.10 Lacs on its opening day which is peanuts when compared to other commercial potboilers which collect crores on opening day only due to the presence of Big Stars in them. It's a pity that majority of audience are still flocking movie halls to watch movies which feature so called Big Stars ( Irrespective of whether they are good actors or not ).On the contrary, they reject some very well made movies only for the reason that they have lesser known actors ( Irrespective of the fact that they have given Stellar performances ). There are lot of sensible & meaningful movies who have met the same fate in the recent times.....Aankhan Dekhi, Rang Rasiya to name a few. It is a sad aspect especially for movie connoisseurs cause if distinctive, newfangled movies like these continue to garner poor collections, most of the producers would shirk away from making such refreshing movies and keep on churning out the same old typical Bollywood formulaic movies garnished with usual masala. 
                                       Movies like Zed Plus & its ilk, need support of Movie buffs who have a penchant for good cinema by going and watching them in movie theaters instead of watching them on DVD.     

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