Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kill Dil & Gunday may have same premise but both offer different cinematic experience


After the release of Kill Dil, YRF has received lot of flak with respect to Kill Dil being a replica or very similar movie to their earlier offering Gunday. I, personally found lot of differences in both the movies. Yes, the storyline of both is love blossoming in backdrop of Mafia & the protagonists in both the movies get indulged in criminal activities at a tender age but the screenplay of both these movies is very much different. I, would like to point out some major differences in both the movies :: 

  • In Gunday, young Ranveer & Arjun are initially tempted into criminal activities by circumstances and nurtured by Pankaj Tripathi but later on they set up their own crime empire on their own and work independently where as in Kill Dil, Ranveer & Ali are not only nurtured by Govinda but also they become his henchmen and sharp shooters working under him n on his orders.  
  • In Gunday, Priyanka is planted by cops to woo Arjun & Ranveer for their vested interests with Priyanka having no love interest in any one out of them initially where as in Kill Dil, Ranveer has a chance encounter with Parineeti in a night club and falls in love with her.
  • In Gunday, both Arjun & Ranveer fall in for the same girl and ultimately a rift is created between them with both becoming enemies at least for some time where as in Kill Dil, its only Ranveer who falls for Parineeti and Ali Zafar stands by them even during tough times. 
  • In Gunday, it is Priyanka who hides her real identity from the protagonists cause she has come with an hidden agenda to capture them where as in Kill Dil, Ranveer Singh does the same because he has fallen in love with her & does not want to loose her, hence he tries to reform himself. 
  • Gunday, basically is more about conflict between Cops ( Irrfan Khan, Priyanka ) & Gangsters ( Ranveer, Arjun ) where as Kill Dil is more about conflict between good & evil existing in an individual ( Ranveer Singh ).

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