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Jatt James Bond : Movie Review

Jatt James Bond, is a prima facie example which further cements the fact that Punjabi Cinema is evolving and growing in stature with due course of time. Finally, we have a film which neither has same all through comedy track nor is a Rom-com which has been the premise of most Punjabi movies that have released lately. Jatt James Bond has a solid plot ably backed up by well baked characters, crispy witty dialogues, charming romance, good performances and foot tapping music. Director Rohit Jugraj has inter-wined romantic track & thriller elements in a perfect blend, although romantic track in the second half goes a bit lengthy n awry but I still give it to Jugraj. Every emotion in this film has been put in right quantity : with not a tear or laughter going in excess ; in fact the goons also get the right amount of dishum dishum with not even a single blow going wasted. Romantic, partially funny ,Racy & thrilling ; Jatt James Bond will keep you on your toes with a suspense element too thrown in towards the end. So, get ready, Not for a film but a journey called "JATT JAMES BOND", which states what are the two things that make the world go around ? Love and Money. Also, the movie follows them in the same order - Love comes first, Money follows or has to be followed. Whether it is the love for your partner, companion, your family or for your friends .....Man can go to any extent to achieve that love, this is the crux of JATT JAMES BOND.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                             ::                                   The story has been penned down by Jass Grewal & the credit for the screenplay goes to Jass Grewal along with Jatinder Lall. The story of the film is not only gripping but it also has something new and fresh to offer. The thriller part of the story has been sketched to perfection and is quite racy n unusual if compared to what we have seen in earlier Punjabi flicks. Watch out for the scene where Gippy plans the robbery with his friends by keeping props of the village landmarks on the ground & how after cops start placing locals in Shaque da Ghera by placing objects on table, after the robbery takes place. Such scenes have never been shown on Punjabi celluloid. Had the screenplay been a bit more tighter, this movie would have been a winner all the way. The screenplay goes a bit awry in the beginning as well as the second half before the heat is turned on again. It's the story of a village Simpleton Shinda ( Gippy Grewal ) who is a school bus driver in love with Lalli ( Zareen Khan ) who is a school teacher. There is a big class difference between both of them which makes their love look like taboo. Now, Lalli's brother ( Vindu Dara Singh ) comes into play & says he will get his sister married to Shinda, provided he buys a house of his own in next one month. Shinda, who is expecting some money from his ancestral property via his uncle ( Avtar Gill ) is ditched at the last moment. Seeing, no other option to save his love he plans a bank robbery along with his two friends played by Gurpreet Ghuggi & Yashpal Sharma. The twist comes, when the amount in the bank which they were expecting to be in lacs turns out to be in crores. Actually, some black money was kept in the bank that day at the behest of local M.L.A ( Mukesh Rishi) which is robbed by Gippy & company. This results in total mayhem with several heads at stake. Whether Gippy will get his love back, or will the robbers be caught, Will henchmen of MLA catch n kill them : forms rest of the story. 

STARCAST                                                                  ::                Gippy Grewal as Shinda is simply first rate. He has nailed his character to perfection and has given a commendable performance. It can be hailed as his best performance till date due to lot of factors. Actually, this character has a lot of shades to portray throughout the flick ranging from romance, comedy, anger, frustration and action which Gippy has been able to portray with aplomb. Another, surprise comes from Gurpreet Ghuggi as this actor has generally cracked jokes or performed witty characters. In this movie, you will see Ghuggi in a new avatar altogether who has not only acted well but has also performed ably in some senti scenes that are good enough to make audience weep. Zarine Khan has looked pretty and shared a wonderful on-screen chemistry with Gippy. Her portrayal of Lalli is commendable considering its her debut Punjabi movie. Another person who makes his debut into Punjabi cinema with this film is Yashpal Sharma who has performed commendably. The scenes of the trio : Gippy, Ghuggi & Yashpal Sharma are a treat to watch as their camaraderie has been captured wonderfully and looks very convincing. Mukesh Rishi looks every inch the cunning MLA with his perfect body language. Shahbaz Khan as the Police Inspector is a bit loud but that is his style. Same can be said about Vindu Dara Singh. Karamjeet Anmol as corrupt Munshi evokes some dose of laughter.             

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                        ::                          Another, big aspect going in favour of the movie is that it is technically very sound. The soundtrack of the movie has been composed by four music directors namely Surinder Rattan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mukhtar Sahota & Jatinder Shah. Their collaboration has worked well as the album has turned out exceedingly well with some good melodious tracks. I will also like to applaud the good work of Babban, the Art director of this movie who has done his job to utmost perfection with perfect rural setting. The cinematography of the movie has been handled by Parixit Warrior who has done a fantastic job and has captured real good shots via his lens especially the aerial ones. The movie has been edited by Sandeep Francis who has edited the movie crisply and has kept the runtime to 141 minutes. But, the movie belongs to director, Rohit Jugraj who has been able to extract the best from his cast n crew and has given this movie a complete professional bollywood touch. Rohit knows his craft well which is evident from the on-screen proceedings of this movie as he has handled each n every shot with precision. 

CONCLUSION                                                           ::                    JATT JAMES BOND is not the run of the mill stuff that we have watched in the last so many Punjabi flicks. Mind you, its a not a comedy but a racy film which has got the right amount of entertainment ingredients thrown in. For Punjabi cinema connoisseurs, its a must watch.       

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