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DISCO SINGH :: Movie Review

Anurag Singh's DISCO SINGH is nothing but disjointed storyline, scratchy screenplay that too lifted in parts from Govinda, Sushmita Sen starrer Hindi flick, " DO KNOT DISTURB " which itself sank without a trace. But, fortunately for him he has a savior in the form of Diljit Dosanjh who ably rescues audience whenever the movie delves deep into enormity of boredom. What to say.....about this ..Lattu Disco Singh. He has single handed-ly carried this movie on his extra super size broad shoulders & pumps up the adrenaline level of audience whenever he appears on-screen & this i am writing after witnessing the euphoria while sitting amongst audience myself. Lot was expected from the formidable combination of Diljit & Anurag as both of them excelled together in their last flicks. But sorry Anurag, this time it is Diljit's show all the way who has thankfully managed to save a sinking ship having potholes in its story, screenplay & even editing. The movie definitely has its moments but they come in between when you are on the verge of getting frustrated with some over the top gags of Manoj Pahwa. The confrontation scenes between Manoj & his henchmen plus Manoj & his wife have been stretched like anything which spoil the fun. But it is Diljit, with his powerful screen presence who makes you sit and watch this movie with a smile on your face.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                    ::::          The credit for the story as well as the screenplay has been given to Anurag Singh which really amuses me to my wits end as it is the weakest part of this movie. It cant be expected from a writer of the caliber of  Anurag, who has written movies like Jatt & Juliett, Yaar Anmulle which kind of brought whiff of fresh air to Punjabi cinema & audience. This storyline is totally old wine in new bottle and that too with leakage in it. The movie begins with two funny henchmen of a local don keeping watch on a house & than local Don Bhupinder Singh (Manoj Pahwa) arrives and shoots the house owner. There is a twist in the tale of Don, he loves a model, Sweety (Surveen Chawla) but he is beaten by brooms at home by his wife (Upasna Singh) who is daughter of a bigger Don. Cut two, scene moves to a small house where Lattu Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) who owns a world famous band on streets of Delhi, is washing clothes and interacting with Babag (Almighty)  to change his destiny & help him cut a video album with sweety. Babag listens as Sweety is called to perform at a ceremony where Don tries to impress her but a scribe clicks their picture in which fortunately or unfortunately face of Lattu Singh also appears. Now, Don's wife creates a scene on seeing the picture in a newspaper & hires a Detective to confirm Don's relationship status with Sweety.  Don lies that Sweety loves Lattu who both are there in the picture. Rest you can understand.....Don blackmails both Lattu n Sweety to do acting of lovers who after spending some time with each other start loving each other..Blah..Blah..Blah...Arrre, Abhi kahani khatam nahin hui, Don has a daughter too who is always rescued by our own  Lattu Singh whenever she is in trouble and she also falls for him.  And the chaos begins............

STARCAST                                                       ::::          This is a department where movie scores heavily as most of the actors have performed really well as per the characters assigned to them with Diljit Dosanjh leading from the front. He is a guy who can be truly called a real shining STAR of Punjabi cinema. He nails his character of Lattu Singh to perfection and leaves no stone unturned to entertain audience.Although, we have seen him speaking to Babag sitting alone in earlier flicks too but still he carries off the same scene with aplomb. Be it his witty conversations with Babag, cute innocent way of wishing Happy B'day to Surveen, Macho style bashing of goons or heartbroken face expressions when Surveen refuses that she loves him, he excels in all of them. In fact, it seems as if he is like One Size Fits All. Surveen Chawla is real impressive as Sweety as her character is that of a model and she has looked real pretty, every inch like a model. On the acting front, she didn't have much scope as per the script but she has done well as per her role. Manoj Pahwa & Upasna Singh have delivered good performances but unfortunately their characters have been over sketched. Kudos, to B.M.Sharma for playing a transvestite character on Punjabi celluloid and to his credit he has been real successful in portraying the exact mannerisms but he has also been not utilized that well. In the ensemble cast you can see Karamjeet Anmol, Chandan Prabhakar and Apoorva Arora who have done their bit to keep you amused.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                         ::::        The soundtrack of the movie has been  composed by Jatinder Shah which is peppy and in sync with the proceedings on-screen. Couple of tracks like the signature song Disco Singh & Sweeto are hummable & stay with you. The whole movie has been shot in and around Delhi & the cinematographer of the movie is Anshul Chobey. Anshul has done a real good job and has been able to capture some real good frames with his lens. The movie has been edited by  talented Manish More who has failed to impress this time as the editing of this movie could have been more sleek with respect to climax as well as some other scenes. The run-time of this movie is 141 minutes which definitely could have been shortened. I am afraid to say that Anurag Singh has not been able to deliver goods that are expected from him both as a writer as well as director. Its astonishing to see Diljit Singh appearing in the screenplay after big time gaps and more screen space given to Manoj, his henchmen and Upasna Singh. As a director,he has not utilized his trump card to maximum potential which is not expected from Anurag at all. 

CONCLUSION                                                               ::::         Disco Singh, is definitely an entertainer but it charms you in parts. It can be seen for the naturally gifted actor Diljit Dosanjh and his magnificent screen presence whenever he appears on -screen else Disco Singh is nothing much to write about.   

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