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Heropanti : Movie Review

HEROPANTI...Sabko aati nahin, Meri jaati nahin....This line has been aptly written for Tiger Shroff who has left no stone unturned to showcase his histrionics via this movie. The guy seems to have put his sweat & blood into this movie which is quite visible on-screen. And i have no qualms in saying that the best thing in the movie is undoubtedly...Tiger Shroff who is a brilliant dancer and has done some amazing action sequences & stunts on his own. Although, the same can't be said about his acting skills but he can be pardoned off as this is his debut movie but he is a guy to watch out for. This is Tiger's big ticket debut. And boy, does this Tiger burn bright! He emotes, he dances and yes, he can fight. Director, Sabbir Khan has stirred up all the masala ingredients namely romance, action, melodrama, choreography in the right quantity in this lavishly mounted Sajid Nadiadwala production.  ‘Heropanti’ is a quintessential Bollywood romance, where lovers have to fight the society, angry uncles and dominating fathers, who give love a bad name, to win over their ladylove. There's nothing honourable about honour killing. But by jove, it makes for a terrific story specially when the intention is to weave a genial love story around a serious issue. It doesn't quite measure up to the requirements of the theme of honour killing that it so valiantly puts forward. But as a masala entertainer, that has more to say than one would expect from a film of this nature, Heropanti gets its fundas right.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                              ::         The story & screenplay of this movie has been written by Sanjeev Dutta. The narrative gets to the point straight away with conversational elan. The narrative is structured with ample room for conventional elements of formula filmmaking to spill over without causing an excessive deluge of distractions. While the first movement of the plot is baggy and limp around the edges with some of the intended humorous encounters between Babloo (Tiger Shroff ) and the chirpy Dimpy (Kriti Sanon , she's the sister of an eloped girl from a conservative family all set to encore the family's disgrace) falling flat on the face, the second moment packs in a rock-solid punch. And I do mean that, literally. As the plot progresses and we see Tiger's character blend almost miraculously into the girl's hostile family, we realize how cleverly writer Sanjeev Dutta has subverted the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge plot. The story begins in Jattland where the local don Chaudhary (Prakash Raj) is having a pompous wedding for his elder daughter Renu (Sandeepa Dhar). On the night of the wedding Renu elopes with her boyfriend Rakesh, resulting in a frantic search for her across the village. The goons gauge that Ra​kesh’s friends might have helped him in it and they are promptly picked up by them. After a massive search, the goons manage to find Bablu (Tiger) who is the real one helping Rakesh and Renu. Tiger, meanwhile in captivity, tells his friends about his love interest. As luck would have it, the love interest is none other than Chaudhury’s younger daughter Dimpy (Kriti Sanon). Not only is this film about how Dimpy and Tiger’s love story end up in the iconic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge style but also about altering the moral stands of the men of Jattland who look upon women as cattle. The absence of layered screenplay quite adds on to the film’s negatives. 

STARCAST                                                           ::        Tiger Shroff may look like a soft gentle romantic hero. But when push comes to shove (as it often does in the gun-toting badland), he delivers a mean punch. Whether jumping from building to building or wooing the girl with corny courtship lines, there is an easy-going unflappable attitude to this debutant's on-screen persona, as though to say, there is much more to the movies than just flamboyant machismo. Tiger's sincerity in it all is quite winsome. One department where he lacks & needs to improve a lot is his dialogue delivery. But when it comes to action, this guy is a star. If there ever is a Bollywood film with zero dialogues and ​just action pieces strewn together, the best bet for casting will be Tiger. It's difficult to expect a smart powerful female character in a movie like this, and Sanon is fine in her ludicrous role.  Kriti Sanon is perky and sufficiently spontaneous for her first film. I had a problem with her dangerously low-waist ghagras which just didn't go with her ultra-conservative family life where voluntary marriages are punishable with death. But a refreshing lack of innuendos in the courtship rituals makes the heroine's naval-view bearably aesthetic. Prakash Raj taking up Amrish Puri's position in the tale of forbidden love is outstanding in interpreting the bride's father's possessive rage and gradual melt-down. He provides a very capable support system to Tiger's launch missile. Sandeepa Dhar, Vikram Singh, Shirish Sharma and Sunil Grover ( in a small cameo ) add up to the ensemble cast of this movie.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                             ::       One other positive aspect of the movie is its music album which has been composed by the duo of Sajid-Wajid. Some of  the tracks from the album have already become rage especially the song " Mere naal tu whistle bajaa " and it seems music will catch up further with the release of the movie. Background music of the movie has been composed by Sandeep Shirodkar who has done a fine job. The cinematographer of the movie is Hari Vendantam who has done a wonderful job. He has not only captured the plush locales in a brilliant way but has also captured the dance movements & action stunts with aplomb. Two more departments which deserve mention are choreography and action. Raju Khan, Ganesh Acharya & Ahmed khan deserve applause for their contribution in choreography  & so does, Anal Arasu for his contribution in action department. The movie has been edited by Manan Sagar who has kept it crisp with the runtime of 146 minutes. Director Sabbir Khan, whose debut film Kambakkht Ishq gave a new definition to designer-filmmaking, is far more in control of his plot this time. He yanks his city-bred protagonist Babloo (yup, that's the name our debutant hero is anointed with) out of the gym straight into the rugged hinterland of Haryana where elopement is a dirty word. 

CONCLUSION                                                                ::       Heropanti is a full-on 'paisa vasool' Sajid Nadiadwala entertainer which is the right launch pad for Tiger Shroff as it showcases all his skills in the best possible manner. Go n watch it but only if you are a masala movie lover and like to watch some nicely executed dance and action sequences. 

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Shroff is thankfully there to balance things out. He’s quite unapologetic about who he is. He makes an entry at a fight scene in a gym. After every kick and punch he looks at the camera and smiles cutely.

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Shroff), an ultra muscular head and shoulders model who develops the hots for the goon’s other daughter (Sanon).

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The daughter of a Haryanvi goon (Prakash Raj) runs away with her lover, so the goon decides to kidnap the friends of the lover. One of the friends includes Bablu (Shroff), an ultra muscular head and shoulders model who develops the hots for the goon’s other daughter (Sanon).

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