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KRRISH 3 : Movie Review

All supermen stories, whether desi or firangi, are hair-brained constructs where superheroes are created out of gibberish. And in these comic-book narratives the victory of good over evil is ordained. Yet, because they play on our complexes, superman and superiority, as well our fear of mortality, they work wonderfully for us. The superhero of atrocious superhero filmmaking has struck again, and its not a pretty sight. Take the most superficial components of X-men, Batman, Superman, Spiderman and even Shaktimaan ; mix them together in a typical bollywood screenplay and Krrish 3 is ready for audience to watch. But when mainstream Bollywood retells our favourite stories, they strip them down to the basics. Stories that could have evolved into a more nuanced battle between good and bad, become whittled down versions where black is jet black and white is radiant and glowing. All that our writers and directors do is throw in more and more prejudices to make the bad badder. Here writer-director-producer Rakesh Roshan has made the villain a wheel-chair bound bundle of neurosis and complexes. But political-incorrectness is hardly the issue here, being underwhelmed is. 

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY                                            :                   The story for this flick has been written by Rakesh Roshan and the credit for the screenplay has been given to Robin Bhatt, Honey Irani, Irfan Kamal, Akash Khurana & Rakesh Roshan also. And the biggest cliche of the movie is its writing and screenplay. So, its a big surprising and amusing factor that five writers have together penned this storyline which is the biggest disappointment of this movie. The screenplay, though involving a range of conceits has its a** covered and movie begins with  — Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) — who lives in a steel capsule atop a snow-clad cliff and slithers about in a wheelchair. In this strange world, Siberian and supernatural, where transparent touch-screens have glowing figures and enlarging circles, he breeds stuff — creatures and deadly viruses, for insaniyat ka khatma. In India, meanwhile, scientist-daddy Rohit (also Hrithik Roshan), who lives with his TV reporter bahu Priya (Priyanka Chopra) and superman son Krrish (Hrithik Roshan), is involved in a home project.  Kaal is a genius scientist who is paralysed neck down except for two fingers. He is in search of a particular bone marrow that will put life into the rest of his body. He creates creatures called Manvars — a bilingual sandhi of man plus var of janvar. Wife Priya announces she’s pregnant, and this is occasion for Hrithik to dance and delight us, even if it’s to a song with strange lyrics. Soon there’s an outbreak of a deadly virus in Namibia, and this brings to us the film’s chief villainess, Kaya (Kangana Ranaut). Made from the blood of Kaal and a chameleon, she has some stunning properties. But Kaal’s next plan, to hit this country, comes to nought when Rohit creates an antidote to the virus all by himself. This alerts Kaal — the antidote can only be made from his DNA — and the story begins to unravel, but only after an exchange programme involving ichcha-dhari girgit Kaya and Priya is activated. You can guess what this means — both for Kaya and Kaal. If you are still interested in remaining storyline than you go and watch the movie in theatres. 

STARCAST                                                 : 
  Undoubtedly,the movie belongs to talented Hrithik Roshan who doesn't disappoint with his acting,emoting,dancing abilities & has once again delivered a power packed performance. He is present in double role i.e. as Rohit as well as Krrish and manages to convince audience in both the characters. But, i feel pity for him as his efforts and skills might go wasted & not get him the rewards which he deserves as the story & screenplay has let the movie down. Priyanka Chopra slips into the character of Priya effortlessly and to perfection and once again proves why she is known to be one of the best actresses in Bollywood. But it is Kangna Ranaut who has managed to impress the most in the role of chief villainess Kaya who is ichcha-dhari girgit. I would personally rate it as one of the best performances that she has given so far. Vivek Oberoi, as the wheel chair bound genius but mean and menacing scientist, Kaal is also well cast. In the ensemble cast there are Arif Zakaria, Rajpal Yadav, Rakhee Tandon, Mohnish Behl who have given a noticeable performance.       

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                          :          Now, coming to the music which has been composed by Rajesh Roshan is also very average with most of the songs not being that catchy. The background score by Salim Suleiman is definitely good in tandem with the movie. Undoubtedly, the movie is amazing and excellent as far as the technical aspects are concerned and Roshans have taken a brave step ahead by trying to imbibe mutants of hollywood as Maanwars on Indian celluloid but alias it hasn't clicked that well. Cinematography by S.Tirru is excellent and he has captured some enchanting visuals on-screen. Sabu Cyril also deserves applause for his production design and so do Mike H.G.Bates and Mike Stringer for their contribution in make-up department. The movie editor Chandan Arora has done a fine job but it could have been better, had he restricted duration of some scenesRakesh Roshan as a director excelled in both the prequels to this but this time he went overboard by adding too much of technical glitz and super elements. Most of his earlier flicks had a soul along with sentiments attached to them which appealed to major section of audience which is missing from this one. It is not a very bad movie and may be certain section of audience especially kids might like it but this is not that typical Rakesh Roshan kind of a movie. His movies had a typical USP of having emotionally turbulent screenplay which is missing from this flick.  

OVER THE HEAD                                       :               Some of the costumes and sets in this movie are so mind boggling that they remind you of old Ramanand Sagar's serials like Vikram -Baitaal. Buildings crumbling like card-boards and destruction is at par with old Godzilla movies. On top of it, in every other scene you will find a product placement as if its an advertising movie with product categories like pen, juice, ice cream, airline being promoted.  In fact, in one of the scenes when Priyanka and Hrithik walk into the frame from either sides, the camera focuses more on two brand hoardings instead of them. 

CONCLUSION                                                :                   Its an out n out  sci- movie which might appeal to a certain section of audience but it is no-where in league when compared to its prequels. So if you have penchant for those technology ridden fictions featuring super hero versus various caricatures, than you can go and relish it.        
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