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" BHAJI IN PROBLEM " was being expected to deliver lot of goodies in form of comic entertainment especially when most of its predecessor Punjabi flicks have failed to make a mark in the recent past. But, alias it also fails to sustain laughter or even your interest throughout the movie. And, it becomes all the more disappointing because of the big names involved with the flick like Gippy Grewal, Smeep Kang, Akshay Kumar and Viacom 18. Keeping in mind, the track record of Smeep Kang, most of the audience was expecting fireworks of laughter which although is present in movie but in patches only.  It is nowhere in league if compared to earlier flicks of Smeep that we have seen. The movie fails to hold your interest throughout and picks up and delivers good comic punches towards the ending of the movie in the last few reels.

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY                                   :             The story as well as screenplay of the flick has been penned by Smeep Kang who has doled out a comic script but the biggest drawback is that it has uncanny resemblance to the scripts of his previous flicks. Since lot of scenes have been lifted from earlier  flicks so they kind of infuse half hearted laughter. It is the script and screenplay which has let this flick down although some of the dialogues that have been written by Naresh Kathuria & Gurpreet Ghuggi are real funny. The basic plot of the movie revolves around two characters played by Gippy Grewal and Gurpreet Ghuggi. Gippy belongs to a landlord family of a village who is always engaged in fights cause of a rivalry between his father (Avtar Gill)  and another landlord(Rana Jung Bahadur) of the area. Now, to end the enmity between these two clans a cop played by cricketer Harbhajan Singh suggests both the families to become relatives by marrying Gippy to the other landlord's daughter played by Japji Khaira. Gippy doesn't want to marry her so he decides to go to his Mamaji played by Om Puri who is a theatre artiste and lives in a nearby town. His father is totally against this as he is angry with Om Puri as he has married a girl from theatre troupe against their wishes. But, our typical hero is relentless and goes to him. There, he meets and falls in love with leading lady of the movie played by Ragini Khanna. Thereafter, enters Gurpreet Ghuggi who has married twice and the confusion of all kinds begin leading to some hilarious moments.

STARCAST                                                      :                    Coming to the performances, Gippy Grewal who has played the main lead has given an okay kind of performance as per the character he has played. Lately, he has matured as an actor and has given better performances in his last couple of flicks but in this movie he has acted on an average scale. It is two actors who have out shined on the comic front as per their characters  i.e. Gurpreet Ghuggi & B.M.Sharma. Both of them have done descent job as per their characters and have been able to provide lot of guffaws in the movie. Coming to the actresses, Ragini Khanna has made her d├ębut in Pollywood through this flick but unfortunately for her there is not much scope in this movie's script itself as she has little screen presence in this movie. Japji Khaira too has limited scenes but has done well in her limited screen presence. In fact, it is Misha Bajwa & Khushboo Grewal who have got more screen presence who have portrayed the character's of Ghuggi's wives. Amongst, other actors Om Puri, Karamjit Anmol, Avtar Gill & Rana Jung Bahadur have been kind of wasted as they haven't been given meaty roles. Oh ! yes, Cricketer Harbhajan Singh has played a cameo as a cop and has not done a bad job out of it keeping in mind that he is not an actor. And, Finally you can see our Khiladi i.e. Akshay Kumar also in this movie playing a spoof on himself by playing the character of his duplicate called Bhakshay Kumar and entertains you in his guest appearance.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                       :        The music for this movie has been provided by Jatinder Shah who has given an average score with a couple of songs being chart busters. The cinematographer of the movie is Neelabh Kaul who has done a descent job of it and has captured good locales. The editing work of the movie has been handled by Manish More who has kept the length of the movie to 124 minutes although even that seems a tad bit too long because of some shoddy screenplay. Coming to the direction front, Smeep Kang has disappointed this time as he is capable of making much better cinema which he has already proved in the past by making good comic movies. He, probably got carried away by his past two hit movies and hence penned down a storyline which is quite similar to his past flicks. Although, in late second half once laughter ball sets in, it keeps on rolling and makes you laugh and kind of makes up for earlier dull proceedings to a certain extent but audience definitely expects much more from Smeep Kang  movie.

WOW MOMENTS                                                      :           The scene where Ghuggi & Gippy ask B.M.Sharma to marry his daughter to Karamjit Anmol is a laugh riot. The penultimate scene where Karamjit is getting engaged to B.M.Sharma's daughter is too hilarious. And finally the climax scene of Gippy's marriage where most characters get together will make you roar with laughter.

CONCLUSION                                                            :        Although It is a good comic attempt with laughter punches throughout but still it works in parts as lot of comic punches have been lifted from earlier flicks. If you dont go with much expectations, you will relish this movie and will definitely laugh your heart heart out towards the end of the movie.
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