Tuesday, 29 October 2013

ISHQ GARRARI : Movie Review

ISHQ GARAARI has added up another feather in the cap of mindless entertaining comic capers being churned out by Punjabi movie industry which has come to be known as Polly wood. No doubt, the movie has its share of laughing moments and couple of good songs but much more was expected from Dheeraj Rattan who has given some real LOL movies in the past which were really hilarious. Laughter in a movie entertains audience only when it comes out naturally and enforced laughter can only work out in patches and that too just once without having any repeat value. It was really disheartening to watch ISHQ GARAARI turn into a whimsical movie, scene after scene.The biggest culprit is its done to death, excessively monotonous n whimsical plot & screenplay which is full of cliches. Hardly 10 minutes into the movie and you start getting a feel as if everyone on screen is either sleep walking or the makers are in a real hurry to finish off the proceedings. Although, it might entertain certain section of audience but it does not stand anywhere close to some real funny Punjabi movies we have seen earlier.

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY                                         :      ISHQ GARAARI fails to catch hold of your attention for a long time due to several factors but the biggest disappointment has come from Dheeraj Rattan who apart from directing the movie has also written the the story as well as the screenplay. Dheeraj has given some real witty stories and screenplays in the past but this time he has faltered big time. Although, he had woven a good comic story-line which could have been further developed into some real funny situations and lot of witty scenes but Alias it nosedives  !!  After some time screenplay becomes so flimsy that the scenes which could have been  funny & witty, turn into confusing chaos and start boring you. Now, coming to the storyline ....Ishq Garaari's story is mainly based on an aspiring, talented,writer and singer Sherry Played by Sherry Mann who lives in a village and is looking forward to cut his own album and become famous. The movie begins with a scene where his girlfriend who is daughter of a rich transporter ( mind you he owns 10 auto- rickshaws whom they call Bhoond )  lends him some money to go to a town and try his luck in a recording studio. She also has another sister by name of Sweety But their father wants his son-in-law to be not only a rich guy but also who has interest in autos and can look after expanding his business. To add to confusion there is another Sweety ( Mandy Thakkar ) in the script who wants to be a singer and is so obsessed with Singer Ms.Pooja that she thinks Ms. Pooja is along with her wherever she goes. Sweety thinks that to become famous singer she needs to have a good manager who is her fan and can promote her. Now, Facebook comes into picture and she finds two right candidates in Gulzar Chahal who is a electrician and Rannvijay Singh who sells Desi viagra kind of pills. Both of them are not only old school classmates but also fall for Sweety. Some obnoxious events occur and as a result Sherry along with his friend Boondy decide and kidnap Sweety. But here too confusion prevails and they kidnap wrong Sweety (Singer one) and to make things worse Sherry instructs Gulzar & Rannvijay to kidnap the rich Sweety. I think i should end here or else even you guys will go off to sleep. Oh sorry sorry .....i forgot to mention the character played by Vinaypal Buttar who although is a police inspector but has passion of auto-rickshaws.   

STARCAST                                                           :        Apart from Sherry Mann and Mandy Thakkar none of the other characters have been aptly cast as per their characters. Sherry Mann has tried his level best to give expressions while emoting and thankfully his innocent looks have worked well as per his character of humble village commoner. As far as acting skills are concerned, he still needs to work hard. Apart from looking good, Mandy Thakkar has shown  improvement in her acting skills too. Prabhleen Sandhu  ( TV actress of serial Apki Antara ) also manages to impress in her debut performance on big screen. Ms.Pooja who has played kind of a double role also has delivered a passable performance. Rannvijay Singh who is famous for Roadies has been given character of medicine salesman running around on an old Priya scooter which obviously doesn't gel well with his persona and image. Similarly, Gulzar Chahal plays the character of electrician who is found struggling while portraying his character. Balwinder Vicky, Mukesh Vohra have been wasted as they are capable of infusing much more laughter in scenes. Vinaypal Bhuttar as a Cop does not impress and has not given a noteworthy performance.  

TECHNICAL FINESSE                        :                              As per the ongoing trend of having medley of music composers for a single movie, Ishq Garrari has continued the same trend and has credited lot of music directors for this flick which include RDB, Pav Dharia, Nick Dhammi, Badshah and Yo Yo Honey Singh. As far background music is concerned, it has been composed by Salil Amrute and he has done a fine job with it. The movie has been edited by experienced Manish More but even his experience could not save the whimsical ISHQ GARAARI as how many boring scenes could he edit.So i wont like to blame him much as far as editing is concerned. Now, coming to the man behind the venture i.e. Dheeraj Rattan who has written the story, screenplay as well as directed it. Surprisingly,he has come nowhere close to the expectations from him considering the kind of potential he has which he has showcased earlier. And what struck me most was that he had come up with a good idea as far as storyline is concerned but he could not not cultivate it further into a entertaining screenplay. I personally feel that  lack of cultivating good comic situations in the screenplay, and wrong selection of  artistes as per the characterizations are the departments where Dheeraj has faltered leading to the debacle of movie. But I am sure Dheeraj has got the right capabilities and will definitely bounce back with a good entertaining flick for audience to make up for the disappointment caused by this movie. And mind you, i am writing all this because when Dheeraj helms a movie,i expect it to be cracker of a movie with respect to wholesome entertainment.

WOW MOMENTS                                  :     Some of the interactions between Sherry Mann & Mukesh Vohra regarding kidnapping are quite hilarious and laughter invoking.

OVER THE HEAD                                    :    I will not like to ridicule any particular scene as almost all of them were equally bad. But it is repetition of word Bhompu by Balwinder Vicky which starts irritating you like anything. Similarly, Vinaypal Bhuttar with his repetitive words starts to catch hold of your nerves.

CONCLUSION                                           :    Although, the makers have tried to make an entertaining movie but by adding too much of commercial filmy ingredients it looses its way and fails to catch hold your interest in proceedings.

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