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Tevar :: Movie Review

Tevar is formulaic, average entertainer that has been laden with all the Masala elements required to make a typical Bollywood commercial potboiler aimed mainly at single screen audience. While 2014 ended with the feel good factor of Pk mania, 2015 has started with a commercial entertainer that takes you on a ride with its well orchestrated fight sequences, chase scenes and cleverly written dialogues. Although, the movie is a remake of famous Telugu hit "Okkadu" but the makers have smartly given it a makeover and staged this thriller around the hinterland of U.P. especially Mathura & Agra. First things first ; the movie has nothing novel to offer in terms of its storyline......A corrupt politician ( Rajesh Sharma ), his younger Bahubali brother ( Manoj Bajpayee ) who kills people right on the crowded streets, a young girl ( Sonakshi Sinha ) who becomes a damsel in distress when Bahubali gets so smitten by her that he wants to marry her at any cost and her savior ( Arjun Kapoor ), self proclaimed blend of Rocky, Terminator and our own Salman Bhai who himself falls for her whilst saving her from the clutches of her tormentor. From the outset, the story looks to be very ordinary and seen it all kinds but debutant director Amit RavinderNath Sharma has executed the plot in such a brilliant way that even the familiar premise looks fresh and engaging. To his credit, he has structured the plot in an entertaining manner and develops the characters in a interesting way. And, he has has been ably supported by his starcast who have given earnest performances especially Manoj Bajpayee. On one side, his verbal duels and heated exchanges with Arjun Kapoor are full of vengeance showing his real ugly side making audience hate him like anything & On the other side, Bajpayee has portrayed the besotted Goon's character with such intuitive warmth that you almost feel like rooting for him when love strikes him. As the love smitten sociopath, Bajpayee excels while portraying the inexperience of his character while dealing in matter of love. Like when he proposes to Sonakshi, he says pointing towards his heart " Tumhein kya lagaa yahhan peetal ka godown hai, dhyan se dekho yahaan Rose Garden hai ". Another highlight of the movie is that it has been shot on real lanes & by lanes of Agra ( with ample of footage of Taj Mahal ) giving all the action that takes place, a real and authentic look. The first half drags a bit as characters are intertwined and the premise is set but it is second half when the real action unfolds and movie picks up the pace. I would also like to mention here that I felt that the movie has been stretched a bit and its runtime of 160 minutes could have been shortened with some more crisp editing.       

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                             ::                                       The story of the movie has been penned down by Gunasekhar, Shantanu Srivastava and the screenplay has been written by Amit RavinderNath Sharma. The writers have taken a very basic plot of a small town Goon who gets smitten by a girl and how she is rescued from his clutches by a small town boy and garnished the screenplay with ample dosage of emotions, drama, comedy and action. It is meticulously sketched characters, well crafted and executed screenplay that has elevated this basic plot into an above average film. The film begins with Agra based Ghanshyam aka Pintoo Shukla (Arjun Kapoor) who is the son of an IPS officer Satyapal (Raj Babbar) and the 'journey' that he traverses to participate in a kabaddi match. Beneath the careless and carefree Pintoo lies a heart of gold which not only knows how to treat women with respect, but also how to punish the miscreants. Meanwhile, in Mathura resides Radhika Mishra (Sonakshi Sinha), who is the sister of Mahesh Mishra, a TV journalist working with 'UP News'. Because of his righteous reporting, he becomes the target of 'Bahubali' Gajendra Singh (Manoj Bajpayee), who happens to be the brother of the politician Mahendra Singh (played by Rajesh Sharma). But the very moment Gajendra's eyes see Radhika, he falls madly in love with her. Wasting no time, he lands up in her college to propose to her at 'gunpoint'. On being refused, he murders her brother in broad daylight. That's when Radhika's parents decide to send her to US so that she can be away from the evil eyes and clutches of Gajendra. And when she is just about to escape to Mathura, the evil Gajendra finds and tries to forcefully take her away. That's when the ever-so-helpful Pintoo accidentally gets involved and helps Radhika in fleeing away from Gajendra. As a result of which, Gajendra and his men start search operation for both Pintoo and Radhika. Does the villainous Gajendra succeed in finding Radhika, does Pintoo manage to free Radhika from the clutches of the villains and does Radhika ultimately manage to go to the US... is what forms the rest of the film.

STARCAST                                                                         ::           Kudos to casting director, Mukesh Chhabra for not only choosing the apt starcast but also for scoring a hat-trick as this is third film after PK and Ugly where he has scored brownie points as a casting director. Being his home production, this movie offers ample scope to Arjun Kapoor to display his histrionics on the celluloid and Oh Boy ! he has made full use of this opportunity by portraying the character of Pintoo Shukla with aplomb. Right from his intoductory sequence where he makes late but stylish entry ( Typical Bollywood Ishtyle ) in a kabaddi match to his confrontational scenes with Manoj Bajpayee, the guy is all charged up and full of energy. Manoj Bajpayee, the effortlessly brilliant actor that he is has nailed the character of Gajendra to utmost perfection. He has portrayed the dual shades of his character with equal amount of finesse. While he looks real mean & menacing as the ruthless killer, his expressions and body language change to the hilt whenever he comes in front of Sonakshi. Coming to Sonakshi Sinha, it is not for the first time that she has played the character of damsel in distress but this time she has outshone her earlier performances. This time her character doesn't allow her to do much of talking with words, so she has made brilliant use of her eyes to do the talking and has excelled in it. I would rate this as her best performance after "Lootera". Raj Babbar has given a commendable performance as IPS officer and Arjun's father. Deepti Nawal has given a restrained performance as Arjun's mother. Rajesh Sharma is apt enough as the corrupt politician. I would like to make a special mention of Subrat Dutt who manages to get himself noticed amongst all these stalwarts by playing the character of Mahendra's aide Kakrri.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                      ::                         The soundtrack of the movie has been composed by Sajid-Wajid, Shafqat Amaanat Ali and Imraan Khan. The album features some peppy numbers like "Superman" and has a soulful rendition in the form of "Jogniya". The cinematographer of the movie is Laxman Utekar who has done an outstanding job. He has not only captured the real shots of small towns with aplomb but his aerial shots and chase sequences show his master craftsmanship. The production design by Aparna Sud and the art direction by Amit Lad also earn a special mention for bringing the streets of these cities alive and recreating the festival of Holi so beautifully. The movie has been edited by Dev Jadhav who has kept the runtime of the movie to 159 minutes which seems a tad too long. Had he let his scissors work more effectively, it could have done a big favor to the movie as the movie drags in some parts. I would also like to applaud the work of action director, Shyam Kaushal who has orchestrated some real high octane action and chase sequences in the movie. As a debutant director, Amit RavinderNath Sharma has come out real impressive. He has proved that his knows his craft well and has a penchant for storytelling. It is only due to his style of execution that this decade old stale plot gets converted into a somewhat engaging and watchable film. If he could make an engaging film with this script, I am sure he can do wonders if provided with a good script.

CONCLUSION                                                                   ::                                  If you have a flair for stylish masala films where action does more talking than words, than this is the movie for you else you can skip this one.
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