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Dolly Ki Doli :: Movie Review

' Dolly Ki Doli ' is a light, breezy entertainer which works primarily because of two reasons ; its neat packaging in a crisp duration of 100 minutes sans any melodrama and sparkling performances from its ensemble starcast especially RajKumar Rao, who bowls you over with his witty Haryanvi dialect and mannerisms. Kudos to Arbaaz Khan for coming out of his Dabangg mode and investing in a movie which has a female protagonist playing the main lead. Sonam Kapoor plays Dolly, a seasoned con artist who ensnares eligible young men in her love & then proceeds ahead to marry them, before drugging them with sedative laced milk on the marriage night and running away with their wealth. She's a part of slick gang that poses as her family and helps pull off these elaborate con jobs. Though, the movie has taken the basic premise from Neeru Bajwa starrer 'RSVP', a Punjabi rom-com that hit screens last year, Dolly's screenplay and its unpredictable ending lends it a different touch. In the climax of the film, Dolly could have easily settled down after tying down the nuptial knot and lived happily ever after. But, Dolly is a smart 21st century girl, who has lost faith in the institution of marriage and wants to live her life in her own way, More to women power !! Despite having a whimsical and wafer thin plot, the movie manages to entertain due to the humor quotient which flows along with the screenplay through its quirky characters. Debutant director Abhishek Dogra has kept the con bride story simple and refreshing, filled with laughable moments, hilarious performances delivered by quirky characters.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                                             ::                The story as well as screenplay of this flick has been co penned by Abhishek Dogra along with Uma Shankar Singh. Though, the story of the movie is wafer thin with lot of logical loopholes, it is the screenplay peppered with some real witty dialogues which elevate the stature of this movie. Some of the scenes especially involving RajKumar Rao will have you roaring in splits and one scene where Dolly's fake grandmother is taken to Police Station for investigation where she repeatedly mouths one dialogue " Beti de di, Sab Kuch De Diya " is a laugh riot. In this flick, it is the characters and the situations that provide delightful moments to the audience and not the storyline. I would like to make it clear that if you start applying your brains than you would not be able to relish this movie. Dolly Ki Doli is the story of a girl,  Dolly (Sonam Kapoor), who is fraudster. Her full time job is to pretend falling in a love with a boy, marry him and then run away with all the jewllery from the house on the first night after mixing sleeping tablets in milk offered to all the members of house including her husband. She has a man (Manoj Joshi) posing as her father, a lady (Zeena Bhatia) who acts like her mother, a young man, Raju (Zeeshan Ayyub) who poses as her brother and an old lady (Rajani Vaidya) who pretends to be her grandmother. The five of them have looted a number of homes in the same style - hook a boy, marry him and make away with the jewellery. The film begins with Dolly and Sonu Sherawat's (RajKumar Rao ) romance. A love struck cane farmer from Haryana falls head-over heels for this beauty and wants to marry her at any cost. The only son of his parents, Sonu convinces his father (Rajesh Sharma) to accept Dolly as their Bahu. And as they say "marriages are made in heaven", Sonu and Dolly get married but sadly do not remain happy ever after. Dolly executes her well chalked out plan and flees with her gang to con yet another family. And when the Sherawat's wake up in the morning after being made to drink drugged milk the previous night, they realize that they have been duped by their Bahu. Sonu, who is badly smitten by Dolly's love bug, tries to file a complaint with the police to look out for his missing wife. In the meanwhile, Robin Singh (Pulkit Samrat), a police inspector has been entrusted with responsibility of solving "Looteri Dulhan's" case. On the other hand, Dolly & her gang have zeroed in on their next victim, Manjot Singh Chaddha ( Varun Sharma). Manjot's mother (Archana Puran Singh) tries to play spoilsport but Manjot is so smitten by Dolly that he manages to convince her and gets married to Dolly. On the night of marriage, Sonu enters Manjot's house posing as Dolly's relative but still Dolly manages to complete her con job and run away. Soon, it emerges that Dolly has a past connection with Inspector Robin Singh also. So, Does Robin Singh arrest Dolly ? How does Dolly know Robin Singh ? Are Sonu and Manjot able to get justice and their valuables back ? Does Dolly finally settle down with someone is what forms the rest of the plot.

STARCAST                                                                      ::                   Sonam Kapoor is growing in stature as an actress with each of her release. The growth displayed by Sonam Kapoor as an actor in Dolly Ki Doli is excellent. Her approach towards playing this character is brilliant and it won't be wrong to say that Sonam has nailed Dolly to perfection. There's a steeliness in her performance that filters out in a subtle manner. Even though she's enjoying the con act, there's an underlining air of enigmatic mystery which is engrossing. But, the movie belongs to RajKumar Rao who floors the audience with his Haryanvi act. If you thought he is cut out for serious roles and not for naach-gaana, watch him dance with Malaika in an item number.He matches her step to step with same fervor. He has given an outstanding performance as Haryanvi Jat & is responsible for raising the maximum number of guffaws in the movie. Take a bow, RajKumar Rao. Rao makes you fall in love with him each time he bursts on screen with his conned-tomfoolery. Varun Sharma who delighted audience with his 'Choocha' act in Fukrey,continues his dream run at the box office. He has got an innocent face and expressions which he utilizes to the optimum. Pulkit Samrat as Inspector Robin Singh seems to have taken lot of inspiration from Inspector RobinHood Pande of Dabangg. His stiff body language, walking style and mannerisms reflect of that but it doesn't suit him as such acts are reserved only for Salman Khan who is able to carry them off in his own signature style. In short, Pulkit has failed to impress in this film. Zeeshan Ayyub is hugely talented actor who has proved his versatility in his previous flicks like Raanjhana & others. He gets to play an important character in this film who despite of posing as Sonam's brother, falls in love with her. He has played this character with immense maturity. Manoj Joshi as Sonam's on screen fake father is apt enough and so is Zeena Bhatia as her fake mother. Rajani Vaidya brings the house down with her class act in a scene where she is interrogated at the police station. Brijendra Kala, is an immensely talented actor who provides for lot of funny moments in this film as Inspector Khan and particularly his "Jigyaasa" is hilarious. Rajesh Sharma as father of Sonu Sherawat is a treat to watch and provides ample dosage of laughter with his Haryanvi act. Archana Puran Singh as mother of Manjot is a laugh riot with her loud mouthed Punjabi act. Ishtiaq Khan manages to impress during his short stint as Manjot's lecherous friend.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                                       ::           The soundtrack of the movie has been composed by the talented duo of Sajid-Wajid who have belted out a descent album with some of the tracks being racy and peppy. "Fashion" song picturised on Malaika Arora Khan stands out and so does "Babaji Ka Thullu" track. The background score of the movie has been composed by Sanjay Chaudhary which is in tandem with screenplay and enlivens the proceedings. The cinematographer of the movie is Saurabh Goswami who has done a descent job as per the resources available to him. The movie has not been mounted on a lavish scale and hence doesn't boast of extravagant scenic locales and has been mostly shot indoors. The editor of the movie is Hemal Kothari who has restricted the runtime of the movie to 100 minutes which has worked heavily in favor of the movie. His editing is racy, taut and precise without giving any room for over the top melodrama or many high or low points in the movie. As a debutant director, Abhishek Dogra has come out real impressive. He has been able to make an entertaining flick out of an wafer thin storyline only because of his crafting skills. He has ably extracted the best from not only his main actors but also from the ensemble starcast. He has kept the screenplay of the movie lucid enough and it is his treatment of the screenplay which adds to the humor quotient of the movie. He also scores some additional brownie points for the unconventional ending of the movie.

CONCLUSION                                                                                                ::  Dolly ki Doli is a fun movie that you can enjoy with your family if you like light, breezy entertainers without awakening your logical senses.

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