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PK :: Movie Review


PK is a delightful, meaningful, out of the box Satire on Self styled Godmen  which not only entertains you to the core but also awakens your logical senses regarding some prevalent social issues making it a must watch for cine-lovers. Director, RajKumar Hirani made us wait for five years before his PK hit theaters but it is worth the wait as he has crafted a masterpiece which is in a league of its own. It is a lavishly mounted, big budget production by Vidhu Vinod Chopra & RajKumar Hirani Films and Hirani has ensured that every single penny has been well spent whilst filming the movie as the movie is flawless with respect to all departments of film making apart from its soundtrack which is just about average. There are myriad number of emotions on display in  PK as it makes you laugh, weep, smile, think and even self introspect. Though, the theme of the movie has an uncanny resemblance to Akshay Kumar starrer Oh My God as the story of this movie also revolves around existence of God but the screenplay of the movie makes it an entirely different cinematic experience than the previous movie. The film in an entertaining way revolves around the question as to Who or What is God ? The movie makes us sit and think about what actually religion means and how some selfish people for their own vested interests have been playing games dividing people on the basis of religion. It also hits out at self styled Godmen who have been fooling people on the name of God and religion to make monetary gains. How, they have created 'Darr' of Bhagwaan in the minds of people and are capitalizing on it. Although, Hirani has made a movie on a sensitive subject but he has wonderfully layered the plot, never crossing the line so as to hurt the sentiments of deeply religious people in the world. He has cleverly concocted the tale from the eyes of an alien who lands on this earth and how he deals with humans around him. This is one movie which is not only a fulttoo Paisa wasool fare but also makes you put your thinking caps on. Hats off to Hirani as he has crafted this sensitive subject in a playful way without sounding preachy at all. Although, PK is not a out an out comedy, but still it leaves no stone unturned in entertaining you.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                                              ::   The story as well as screenplay of the movie has been co-penned by RajKumar Hirani & Abhijat Joshi and what a fantastic tale they have concocted. Not only is the storyline of the movie interesting but it also has several layers attached to it which keep on unfolding as the storyline progresses. As I have mentioned earlier that the movie has uncanny resemblance to Oh My God as both the movies have dealt with the subject about existence of God and self styled Godmen but the writers here have played a safe masterstroke by letting the drama unfold through the eyes of an alien. Where as in OMG, Almighty himself turns up on earth, here it is left to an alien to question the credibility of Godmen and how they are fleecing people. The movie raises several questions and interesting facts which have been presented in a humorous way like, Is it in our hands to be born into a particular religion or country ? PK asks the same question to a Godman and asks him to prove it by showing a birthmark that God puts on every kid for letting him born in a particular religion. He challenges the belief of people in Godmen by asking that How can God grant wishes of people only through Godmen and not directly himself. The screenplay is a perfect blend of both mockery and sarcasm. The film starts off with PK (Aamir Khan), an alien, landing on earth, in the desert of Rajasthan, to study about human begins and life on earth. Arriving stark naked on a earth, PK has a rough start on the planet when his tracking remote, that helps him send signals back to his spaceship, gets stolen. He now has to find the remote to contact his spaceship and till then survive on earth on his own. Unaware of human mannerisms, language or life in general on earth, PK finds it difficult to adjust. However, fate brings him in touch with Bhairav Singh (Sanjay Dutt) who becomes his dear friend and helps him with life on earth. But destiny takes PK to Delhi. From here on starts a whirlwind story of a stranger in the unknown city of Delhi asking questions that despite their innocence hold a valuable and deep meaning. On the other side is Jagat Janani alias Jaggu ( Anushka Sharma ) who while studying journalism in Belgium falls in love with Sarfaraz ( Sushant Singh Rajput ) who is from Pakistan and they plan to get married. Due to certain misunderstanding, their marriage gets shelved and she flies back to Delhi and starts working in a news channel. Here she meets PK, who has his own way of seeing the world, his own signature styling sense and she finds him distributing pamphlets of Gumshuda ki talaash having picture of God on it. She immediately senses that she can find a story for her channel in him and asks him about his story. After listening to his story, she is bewildered and decides to help him. Aided on by Jagat Janani who teams up with him on this journey, PK challenges some of the oldest rituals of religion that are ruling life of people on earth. I won't like to reveal the rest so that you can go and enjoy PK on big screen.  

STARCAST                                                                          ::  Kudos to casting director Mukesh Chhabra for choosing the apt starcast of this movie as per their characters. Almost, all the characters fit in to the shoes of their characters as if they were tailor made Ooops Cobbler made for them. Aamir Khan as PK is gonna bowl you over with his antics on-screen. He is simply flawless. He is such a methodical actor that whenever you watch him portraying a character on-screen, it becomes difficult for you to distinguish him from his character as he delves deep into the skin of his character. I have read that he preferred to chew close to almost 10,000 paans whilst filming for this movie instead of coloring his lips to give his paan chewing character an authentic look. His expressions, body language, walking style & mannerisms in this movie are quite different from what we have seen him portray in his earlier movies. Anushka Sharma, has appeared on-screen after a long hiatus but she has nailed her character of Jagat Janani / Jaggu to utmost perfection. I mean, its not an easy task to stand in front of Aamir but she has stood her ground firmly. She has not only looked ravishing, pretty but has also acted well as per the needs of her character. Sushant Singh Rajput who has proved his mettle as an actor in his last couple of flicks further gets a chance to consolidate his stature as an actor by playing an extended cameo in this movie. He is also one of those natural characters who portrays his character with ease. He has looked real suave in this movie & I am sure his female fan following is gonna increase after this movie. Sanjay Dutt as Bhairon Singh is pitch perfect. His timing in this movie is impeccable and has given a delightful performance. Same goes for Boman Irani who amuses you to your wits end. I feel, Sanjay & Boman share a great chemistry with Hirani as he is always able to extract the best performances from both of them. Not to forget, Saurabh Shukla who has portrayed his character of Self styled Godman in an enthralling manner. 

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                                   ::    The soundtrack for the movie which has been composed by Shantanu Moitra along with Atul & Ajay Gogavale is quite average. You enjoy the songs while you are watching the movie but none of them stays with you, once you exit the cinema hall. The background music has been composed by Sanjay Wanderkar along with Atul Raninga. They have done a descent job as their music provides further impetus to the on-screen visuals. The Cinematographer of the movie is C.K.Muraleedharan who has done a fantastic job behind the lens. His cinematography is plush and passionate and yet the film's visuals never topples over into the kingdom of Garish. And what visuals as he has made the antics of PK, an occasion for optical enhancement. The movie has been edited by RajKumar Hirani who has neatly packaged the whole movie in run-time of 153 minutes. His editing is crisp, taut and doesn't even give you a chance to go out for a loo break. As a director, RajKumar Hirani has hit the bulls eye once again and proved that he knows the pulse of the audience as he is able to woo you into the movie right from the first to the last frame. No wonders, why he is considered as one of the finest directors of Indian Film Industry today. He is a master storyteller who always packages some meaningful social messages along with entertainment and that too without sounding preachy in all his movies which is a rare trait to be found in todays' directors. How I wish, If RajKumar Hirani could make movies more frequently and audience could have the privilege of watching them.  

CONCLUSION                                                                                        ::             PK is a must watch not only for its entertainment quotient but also for multiple messages it conveys. And, its not a must watch for only you but for your entire family. So, rush to a theater near you as this movie deserves to be seen on Big Screen. I am giving it a generous 4 and a half stars out of five.        

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