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Main Aur Mr Riight :: Movie Review


Main Aur Mr. Riight is a light, entertaining, honest Rom-Com ( albeit an Avant-garde Rom-Com ) as its not only candy floss romance but it delves deep into human psyche especially when it comes to relationship complexities in today's modern world. Director, Adeeb Rais has ably conveyed that how striving for perfection some people subdue their emotions just for the sake of others. They keep on jostling with their lives with context to what is right and what is wrong, where as the answer lies in their heart. It is we who have made our lives complex for no reason. How, we have a put up a smiling mask over our faces and are always pretending in front of others especially when it comes to inner happiness. It all might be sounding quite heavy and preachy but Main Aur Mr Riight portrays all this in entertaining and breezy manner. To quote couple of examples, when female lead ( Shenaz Treasury ) of the movie gets fed of being pretentious and the mask she has put on, she picks up a bottle of wine and climbs up-to the flat of male lead ( Barun Sobti ) from outside with the help of a wooden ladder. Similarly, she takes her junior office assistant ( Manav Bhinder ) out on a dinner date. The message is plain and simple.......Stop pretending to be what you are not, for the sake of others and just follow your heart. Undoubtedly, the movie has taken inspiration from couple of Hollywood flicks but who gives a damn, when the movie is entertaining and keeps you engaged. Its not that movie is pitch perfect without any glitches in it. Too many audition scenes, bit shoddy screenplay, weak performances from some of the ensemble starcast and loose editing are the weak points of this movie. Without these shortcomings, this movie would have fared much better at the box office.    

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                                     ::                           The story of the movie has been penned down by Adeeb Rais where as the credit for the screenplay goes to Adeeb Rais and Aseem Rais. The story of the movie had big time potential but the screenplay fails to elevate it to the level where it could have hit the right chords with all sections of audience. Still, Kudos to Adeeb Rais for writing a story which is not superficially sugar coated and which doesn't revolve around only the main protagonists but also gives ample importance to their close group of friends. I like the way, he has sketched out the characters of two of Shenaz's female friends' who gradually come out of their shell and decide to live their lives for the sake of self happiness leaving their spouses for better. Reason being their hubbies ....One of them is always busy in his business talks even when they are out partying and the other is shirking away from the responsibility of raising a child. And, even when the guys realize their mistake and plead them to give them a second chance, they never relent. As far as the storyline goes, Aliya Raj ( Shenaz Treaury ) is a stylish, classy Casting director who is a perfectionist. She is still single as she is yet to find her Mr. Riight. She hangs around with a close group of friends who are all couples, leaving her the odd one out. Her friends include : A workaholic husband and his wife who yearns for his attention, a handsome hunk with a snooty girlfriend and a rich guy whose girlfriend gets pregnant. Needless to say, she becomes the butt of their conversational jokes and they even term her as being a case of mental imbalance for still being single and unmarried. Now, enters Sukhi ( Barun Sobti ) who comes to her agency in search of a role and leaves his photographs on the table. Unable to take the constant nagging from her friends, she decides to 'create' her Mr. Right by engaging  wannabe actor cum struggler cum a hardcore Salman Khan fan Sukhi by telling him to play her boyfriend, for which he will be paid handsomely. The lure of money and the 'opportunity' to play a role makes Sukhi accept the offer. Then begins the transformation of the struggler Sukhi into the suave foreign based Hridaan Dalmiya, who is 'Mr. Right' by all means, courtesy Aliya's intensive grooming. And when she flaunts Hridaan at a friend's wedding, needless to say that he becomes the apple of the eye of every girl and the object of envy of every guy in the group. As time passes, Sukhi aka Hridaan teaches the group many a thing about being honest and truthful to each other, which creates many revelations in the close knit group, which makes him even more dearer to everyone in the group. At the same time, knowingly or unknowingly, Sukhi actually starts falling in love with Aliya. Everything goes on perfectly as per Aliya's foolproof plan... till the time a hotel waiter recognizes Sukhi in front of the whole group. Does Sukhi spill the beans about Aliya's plan of 'Hridaan' in front of her friend circle, or does Aliya confess the real reason to her friends about her plan to create a fictitious Mr. Right, and does the high headed Aliya reciprocate the struggler Sukhi's feelings for her, is what forms the rest of the film. 

 STARCAST                                                                       ::        Undeniably, Barun Sobti & Shenaz Treasury are the soul of this movie as both of them have taken this movie on their shoulders with their earnest performances. Right from the moment, Barun walks into the frame, he is oozing with confidence. He has delved deep into the character of Sukhi who is a die hard Salman fan and a pure Punjabi. His charming performance bowls you over. Here comes another actor with great potential and hopefully a great future ahead. Shenaz Treasury looks every inch the classy, stylish Casting director, the character that she portrays in this film. She gets ample opportunity to showcase her talent in this movie being the main protagonist of this movie. And Oh Boy ! She doesn't disappoint. She is a bundle of energy and has displayed abundant emotions in this movie. Kavi Shastri has proved that he too has a penchant for acting and is not cut out for commercials only. Eijaz Khan & Makrand Deshpande also jump in to play cameos in this movie. Amongst the ensemble starcast Serahh Gosain, Varun Khandelwal, Danny Saru, Maia Sethna, Anagha Mane & Manav Bhinder can be seen in the movie.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                                    ::          The soundtrack of the movie has been composed by a battery of composers which include Bhappi Lahiri, DJ Akhil, Shibani Kashyap, Astitva Band, Ravi Shukla, Dony Hazarika and Sunil Singh who have charted out a good album. The soundtrack also includes famous old track " Yaar Bina Chain kahaan Re " which acts as icing on the cake. The cinematographer of the movie is Pathan Parvez Khan who has done a good job as per the resources available to him as most of the movie has been shot indoors. The editor of the movie is Anupama Chabukswar who has kept the run-time of the movie to 129 minutes which seems a tad too long for the movie of this genre. There are some scenes which act as spoilers and needed to be trimmed down. As a debutant film director, Adeeb Rais shows sparks and proves he knows his craft well. Further, I feel it is commendable on Adeeb's part to choose such a subject to make his debut movie over the commercial potboiler scripts laden with formulaic elements. His movie making depicts a sense of honesty while portraying relationships with no sugar coated elements in it. Despite having some weak starcast, shoddy editing and an uneven screenplay, he has been able to make an interesting and watchable movie. 

CONCLUSION                                                                                  ::         If you have a penchant for movies with honest take on modern day relationships minus the sugar coated candy floss romance, this movie might make for an interesting watch for you. I am giving it two and a half stars out of five. 
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