Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Movie Review Of RANGEELAY


" RANGEELAY " as title made me assume a vibrant flick filled with colorful characters providing ample entertainment, but alias it turned out to be more of Black & White right from the onset. It was really disheartening to watch Rangeelay turn into a whimsical movie, scene after scene and that too when it has some very good actors backed up by talented technical crew. More disturbing fact is that this movie has come out when most of its predecessor Punjabi flicks have not only earned good moolah but also won accolades.The biggest culprit is its done to death, excessively monotonous n whimsical plot & screenplay which is full of cliches. Hardly 10 minutes into the movie and you start getting a feel as if everyone on screen is either sleep walking or the makers are in a real hurry to finish off the proceedings to catch a plane back home.

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY                                                                           :  Frankly speaking the movie lacks in almost all the aspects of film-making but the biggest setback has come from the story n screenplay which has been penned by DHEERAJ RATTAN,  which is again a big shocker as he is a guy who is master of his trade. But this time he has gone completely off the track and served audience a mixture consisting of  various potpourri scripts that we have watched earlier. In fact, the screenplay is so haggard and sinew that most of characters suffer double irony i.e. they are underdeveloped and also end very abruptly. The complete focus of entire script, screenplay as well as even dialogues is only on one character which has been portrayed by JIMMY SHERGILL who is the also the producer of this movie. Although Jimmy  is a very talented actor who has given some commendable performances but Alias, even he could not save this sinking Titanic with his skills as he is not cut out for such a character.The movie is a tale of three friends who act as recovery agents for a money lender who operates from a make shift office by the name of Rangeelay Fynance Company. One fine day, they are asked to go for recovery of a Scooty but due to some confusion they pick up wrong Scooty which (without any guesses) belongs to Simmy, the female lead. Simmy, who lives with her uncles and granny, is equally loved and adored by all. Although her uncles are real brothers but they dont see eye to eye as one is a retired DSP and the other is a retired Army officer. Although Sunny successfully recovers the scooty but in the process looses his heart and begins Sunny Te Simmi di Love Story which is full of glitches, bad jokes and completely forgettable moments.

STARCAST                                                                                                      :    Although Rangeelay boasts about having star studded actors but, Alias, even they could not enliven the proceedings as they have been miscast. How can filmmakers expect excellent performances from actors when they are given a character which is not cut for them from any angle. Lately, JIMMY SHERGILL has proved his acting credentials by giving stupendous performances in movies like SPECIAL 26, SAHEB BIWI GANGSTER, WEDNESDAY ..... Jimmy has given his best again to give a powerful performance But he never looks at complete ease while portraying Sunny, a muscleman recovery agent who falls in love & tries all antics to woo her lady love including enacting a fake identity of a rich NRI. NEHA DHUPIA has marked her entry into Pollywood with this movie and does not disappoint by giving a good performance although she also suffers the irony of portraying a character which is not properly sketched. But, for me the biggest disappointment of the movie came from the character sketching of comedy stalwart BINNU DHILLON. How can a writer or director claim his movie to be real witty with fun quotient when he makes one of the best comical talents like  BINNU  to just stand in the frame sans any punches. JASWINDER BHALLA has managed to impress once again with his dialect.
RANA RANBIR, SHIVENDER MAHAL, TEJ SAPRU, RANA JUNG BAHADUR form the rest of the ensemble cast.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                                                 :  JAIDEV KUMAR has given the music for this flick and has not come up with a perfect score. Music  plays a vital role in success of a movie especially when its a romantic flick but in this case music fails to stir your emotions apart from one track  i.e. "Boliyaan. Cinematographer of the movie is JITAN HARMEET SINGH who has done an average job with respect to the resources that he had. Another drawback is that makers have not paid any stress on locations too which at times looks gawdy and out of sync. Editing of the movie has been done by MANISH MORE who despite his best efforts could not rescue the inevitable fate of the movie. Generally most editors are in a dilemma as to which scenes should be cut as most look outstanding but in this case it would have been opposite i.e. which scene to be included in final print as all are equally bad. NAVANIAT SINGH from whom Punjabi audience had a lot of expectations has seriously disappointed by making such a nerve shattering whimsical movie which can put you off to sleep.There is not even a single aspect of movie making in which the movie excels or impresses. In fact after a few reels you start getting an impression that this movie is going no-where as lot of scenes are left unfinished.

 WOW MOMENTS                                                                                   : Firstly, I apologize for not writing anything and skipping this section but i could not help it. Reason being i could never expect the movie to be such a big disappointment and that too when Punjabi Cinema is on a roll and going great guns.

OVER THE HEAD                                                                                :  Giving credit of being the worst scene to any one shot will be injustice to others as all of them are equally bad.

CONCLUSION                                                                                      :  Although, the makers were trying to make an impressive love story which has never been attempted in Punjabi cinema but ALIAS ! It looks like a confusion of highest order as the movie fails to concentrate on any genre and virtually becomes a  potpourri with no fragrance. More than anyone else, my heart feels for JIMMY & NEHA who despite of being high caliber actors have been wasted completely.

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