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Movie Review of " FUKREY ".


FUKREY has come like a whiff of fresh air especially for audience who relish comic cinema which is laden with genuine wit, humor & laughter which comes naturally as the screenplay progresses and is not forcibly injected through irrelevant punches in between. Mrigdeep Singh Lamba, has succeeded in making a movie which has got something hugely infectious about the exuberance of youth and most of us can relate to the characters of  Hunny, Choocha, Manjot or Zafar. Can't say about you guys, but I have no qualms in admitting that i could relate to most of their activities as me n my buddies have done most of those activities in student life( Admitting to have been a fukra myself ). I still remember how desperately we guys used to pray to almighty for blessing us with our first love, first kiss, made gerris of streets where girls lived just to have a glimpse, used to address each other's GFrnd as Bhabhi G n all. That is probably why Fukrey, a comedy about four Delhi boys in a tearing hurry to realize their dreams against all odds, appears to exude much greater energy n exuberance than it intrinsically possesses. All in all, Fukrey is a complete fun ride loaded with several moments which make you roll with laughter in your seats.        

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                :   FUKREY, with its inventive plot and wickedly spot-on characterizations is the kind of apt, rare and precious comedy which comes once in a while.  The story n screenplay has been written by MRIGDEEP S. LAMBA  & VIPUL VIG, what schemers masquerading as daydreamers this delicious romp into the Delhi's rumbling underbelly the writers have thrown forward. This fiercely individualistic style of storytelling makes you visit those places in Delhi where stereotypes of middle class ( Girl courting boy from next rooftop, boys dreaming of attending college filled with girls in short skirts, Calling hollywood movie Inception as Inspection ) flicker into shapes. Many of its punch lines are quite funny, and some of the desperate measures that the quartet is compelled to take recourse in order to wriggle out of sticky situations border on the uproarious.The story’s backdrop consists of corrupt and depraved ministers, thieves, money-minded teachers, and the unspoken premise that the only way to survive and rise above middle-class circumstances is to be part of a circle of cheats—the kind of vapid, humdrum thinking that abounds in our film writing. The four are on a mission. Three of them want to join the local college and befriend the college’s security guard, the go-to guy for buying seats there. Through him they meet Zafar, who is already a student. We see Zafar, a recluse who wants to be known for his music, scribble on paper and strum his guitar in desolate corners, a lonely, inarticulate guy who represents idealism in the story. He abandons that idealism and joins the gang when he sees his father in a sorry state in a crummy hospital. Choocha and Hunny have been making money from the lottery, their wins explained by a fuzzy logic related to Choocha’s dreams. They try to get Bholi Punjaban, a foul-mouthed pimp and drug-seller, to lend them money for lottery tickets. She agrees, on her terms. Trouble ensues.

STARCAST                                                         :    Like many movies about the maturing and mellowing of obnoxious men just past their teens, Fukrey’s premise is the desire for mediocrity and what college campuses decide is “coolness”. These are boys without much hope. They are backbenchers and dreamers conscious and accepting of systemic corruption—intellectually impotent and hence, seemingly “lifelike”.The buddy movie in Hindi cinema, in surfeit in recent times, always rests on the comical charm of floozy men, and Fukrey is no different. Fukrey’s casting is almost perfect. Pulkit Samrat (Hunny)  is the film’s hero and the camera is always on him, even savouring his gestures in slo-mo. He is cute and efficient. Manjot Singh (Lalli) plays the most real character here though he’s handed a shtick that’s as funny as it’s bizarre. It involves his Bullet, a druggie and a random passerby. Manjot Singh has shattered many clichés. This sardarji is an adorable, gentle, sweet-talking boy who always wears his heart on his sleeve. But it is Varun Sharma (Choocha) who bowls you over with excellent comic expressions as he has got the meatiest dialogues in the movie and he has proved the confidence vested in him. Ali Fazal (Zafar)plays the character of a recluse with ease who is the most grounded amongst all his male counterparts. Now coming to the ladies, Richa Chadda plays the foul-mouthed Bholi Punjaban with the temper and chutzpah of a woman who unleashes her sardonic ferocity in a  mirror-surrounded gym with conviction. Priya Anand (Priya), is a talented actress who has performed smartly as per her character. Vishakha Singh (Neetu) who although has a short role to play but still she has managed to make her presence felt. Pankaj Tiwari (Pandit) shines in everything he does, but Bollywood seems to be reducing him to a flunkey’s role as here he plays a security guard of a college who is street smart. So, some credit must be given to Honey Trehan, who is the casting director of this flick.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                   :   Ram Sampath, has done an excellent job as the music director of this movie by giving some real varied compositions in tune with the script. In fact, Amritsariya track has already become a rage and is featuring in almost all countdowns. The camera of K.U. Mohanan who is the cinematographer of this movie has captured locales of Delhi in an efficient way and deserves applause. The editor of the movie is Anand Subaya who has done an outstanding job by keeping humor as well as tempo of the movie free flowing all through its run-time. The director of the movie is Mrigdeep Singh Lamba (whose debut movie Teen They Bhai was appreciated by some critics but was not a big success at box office), has hit jackpot this time as the film’s direction — its comic timing, on-location shooting which captures Delhi’s flavour — portrays a skillful mastery. Lamba extracts his humour from the academically challenged boys’ desperate fraudulent measures to get ahead in life who are ready to go to any extent in pursuit of their dreams.

WOW MOMENTS                                          :   Although, the whole movie is laden with comic moments but watch out for the  Bhagwati Jagrata scene where you will find natural humor at its best when Choocha is made to run. How choocha proposes Bholi Punjaban will make u roar with splits.

CONCLUSION                                                   :  It is a cinematic treat for those who believe in wit and humor that comes from characters in the screenplay and not through those pricky faces speaking foul mouthed dialogues. Lamba exaggerates one quality of each character to establish them as different from each other, and unites them in the grand cheating scheme. Chadda’s character is characterized by a neurotic sort of pluck and brazenness. She makes the boys grovel and beg. So go n watch it for sure.

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