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Movie review of " GO GOA GONE ".

To begin with, I'll say this is a movie about adult Indian men who will forever remain adolescents, made by two men who have an intimate perception of this population sub-group. The incredibly funny and sharply observed dialogues are in perfect sync with the intelligence levels of the sexually repressed man-boys. The casual sexism, ignorance, irreverence and inability to concentrate on any event beyond a minute are all in keeping with the insular, Facebook addicted generation that the movie targets as well depicts. The makers have fashioned a fiercely funny fable filled with loads of innocuous innuendos and rumbustious scare attacks that never quite reach the stage of stomach churning goriness. But, the question is this movie funny enough to be called a comedy, even if set among zombies ? The Answer is YES, the performances are breezy, the comic timing is brilliant, dialogues are witty and youth centric.

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY                                                                     : The credit for the story writing of GGG goes to the director duo of  KRISHNA DK,  RAJ NIDIMORU along with SITA MEMON. I'll say the biggest strength of this movie has turned out to be its clever writing, just sample this : The first time our heroes encounter humans with blood dripping from their melting faces, they wonder aloud thinking who these creatures could be. And a funny debate ensues between them with answers ranging from Chudail, bhoot or vampire. Than someone says Zombies & the others say " Ye India hai, yahan Zombies kaise aa sakte hain" & pat comes the reply of Globalization along with a cheeky remark " In angrezon ne pehle India ko HIV diya, ab Zombies de rahe hain". It can be seen as a brutal burlesque of horror genre. Scenes of Zombies chasing our puny heroes are through the Goan foliage are more satirical than scary. This innovative ode to terror movies moves at a quirky yet measured pace, gamboling quickly from one terror ridden scene to other without loosing track of the movie's ultimate bro-mantic theme. The story begins with our three main protagonists who are shown to be cubicle coolies. One of them, Bunny, (Anand Tiwari), is the only one who is hard working amongst the trio. Of the other two, the Cool cat is called Hardik, (Kunal Khemu) , which they feel for a name is the worst crime a parent can commit on their unsuspecting infants especially these days when girls flirt openly. Third one is Luv, (Vir Das), who is bad at relationships with females, keeps breaking up and is loveless. But basically they are both of junkies. They drag the good boy in their group to a rave party in a supposedly isolated island in Goa. Most of the crowd there pops up some real expensive pills which these guys can't afford so they go for booze. When they wake up in the morning everyone out there seems to have disappeared. Soon, they get astonished to find themselves surrounded by people whose faces are melting. What happens next, are they able to reach back forms rest of the story. 

STARCAST                                                                                      :  Peppery and with a punch of assault, the performances are pitched at just the right level of fright. All the three characters seem to have had fun while shooting which reflects on-screen.  KUNAL KHEMU, has got the meatiest character to play as it is through his character that most of the juvenile, sleazy humor comes. But, the ease with which has portrayed and expressed a synthesis of the slimy and the slippery without falling out of his character is commendable. While VIR DAS'S straight faced, matter of fact style of comedy coupled with his innocent expressions is bone-tickling to the core. He has not only looked good but has delivered a superlative performance. It seems as if ANAND TIWARI, researched a lot about the psyche of the character that he plays in this flick as he has given a stupendously calculative performance by staying true to his stint and focused his vision entirely on it alone. PUJA GUPTA has delivered an average performance and understandingly it seems even the director duo  also deliberately focused more on her physical attributes rather than giving her a meaty role. But, it is SAIF ALI KHAN, who has turned out to be the show stealer with his lofty absurd Russian accent and flavorful kickass screen presence. He plays, Barees, a desi, Delhi druglord with a twang of Russian and the only one who can save our protagonists with his assortment of bazookas and knives. For a mainstream bolly star, it is not a easy call to accept and play such a different junky kind of role and i am sure he'll more than happy for taking this call.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                                           :  Technically the movie is stupendous as lot of international names have worked behind the camera. Music for this flick has been composed by another talented duo SACHIN JIGAR. It is not an easy job to compose music especially background music for a movie with such a wacky concept as music has to underline the situations.But they have done an excellent job and come up with electrifying music. Cinematography of the movie has been handled by DAN MAC.ARTHUR & LUKASZ PRUCHNIK who have given a gritty look to the movie but with a sense of dark humor attached to it. They have made perfect use of light bat cinematography which in turn has translated into a very edgy and stylish visuals on screen. I would also like to mention the names of makeup designers SEAN GENDERS, TOM LUHTALA and PIRANHA STUNTS (SOUTH AFRICA ), because with their skillful contribution they made Indian audience watch first Desi Zombies. Editor of the movie is ARINDAM GHATAK who has done an outstanding job by shifting scenes at a quirky pace without letting any single genre overpower other which is a big highlight of this movie. Director duo of RAJ NIDIMORU & KRISHNA DK deserve full marks and accolades for making GGG. The directors have successfully given the movie a sluggish pace and have managed to belt out one side-splitter after another, delivered with elan' by the boys.   

OVER THE HEAD                                                                                           : The biggest glitch i found in the movie was the scene where Pooja meets Vir in the pool. Kindly notice the number of co-incidences of this scene which happen only in Bolly movies :  1. You see a girl coming towards you in a pool  2. Right at same time when u r Full Monty.  3. She swims to you n hands over your bottom wear back to you.  4. When you tell her to turn around for you to change, she frankly says that no need to be shy as she has already seen.  5. She turns out to be your FB friend who knows all about you.  6. The biggest irony being that you dont even recognize her.     These kinds of scenes make you feel sad thinking " Ye humare sath kyun nahin hota ".  

WOW MOMENTS                                                                                   :  I'll say that most of the scenes in this movie are WOW moments. Still, watch out for the scene where Kunal Khemu pataofies Pooja by concocting a hearbreaking story about his g.friend. Also the scene where he gets confused while buying a condom at Chemist store. On top of all the scene where Kunal and Zombie girl dance around the trees in slow motion.

CONCLUSION                                                                                                   : This movie is definitely  a refreshing attempt in its genre especially for Indian audience who have grown up watching different versions of Bhoots, Chudails, Voodo dolls, blackmagic , possessed souls courtesy horror movies made by RAMSAY BROTHERS. Although, some Indian audience might feel apprehensive to watch this unknown  genre but nothing to be afraid of as this movie makes Zombies and hillarious repartee walk along. The best part is that the laughs flow with energetic-gusto melting into a spooky gore without creating a genre confounding mess.

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