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Being a Punjabi by heritage as well as nature i am feeling overwhelmed by the fact that finally Punjabi cinema is churning out movies week after week and that too with excellent technical finesse. Continuing the trend of fun filled, mindless but entertaining laugh riot cine flicks, comes LDUS. This movie surely pampers your funny bones and relieves you of all your stress with some brilliant performances n witty dialogues which have been knitted together to entertain you to the core. After CARRY ON JATTA , director SMEEP KANG has again got a winner on his hands.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                                                             :           Like most of its peers, the main focus of  LDUS is on comical content only but the story has elements of suspense as well as thriller thrown in as a surprise element. Although one can not deny the fact that even the suspense n thriller content also mutually turns out into comedy, raising guffaws from audience instead of them biting their fingers. The story of this movie has been written by  SMEEP KANG and the credit for the screenplay goes to trio of SMEEP KANG ,  NARESH KATHURIA & VAIBHAV SUMAN. The story revolves around Lucky (GIPPY), a carefree, flirt, reckless n quintessential guy whose motto is to live life to fullest. One fine day, he meets Seerat (SURVEEN) and needless to say falls in love with her,  woos her along with her brothers with his smart talks and gets engaged with her. He has three best friends namely Dimpa (BINNU), Brar ( JASWINDER) & Sidhu (GUGGI) who are married but completely unhappy n frustrated with their spouses & marital life. Unfortunately, lots of misunderstandings occur between Lucky n his fiancee which keep on increasing rift between them and Lucky goes under depression. When his b'day comes, the trio of his friends think of an idea to pep him up. They take him along to Ludhiana for celebrating his b'day where they have already called a female model ( SAMIKSHA SINGH) to seduce him in their hotel room. But little do they know that this adventurous celebration will turn out to be the biggest nightmare of their lives. Samiksha is found dead in her hotel room and the fingers are pointed towards Lucky. Herafter begins a journey which is fun filled , witty & full of humor. One of the biggest assets of  LDUS is its script as in Punjabi Cinema, we have hardly watched a flick whose story is woven with suspense, thrills along with ample quotient of wit. In a way , we can say that this movie unlike its counterparts does not concentrate on one particular genre of Comedy only but is a mix of  several genres to entertain the audience throughout.

STARCAST                                                                                                    :  GIPPY GREWAL has shown a tremendous growth in his acting skills which clearly proves that he is really working hard on that front. I feel he has realized that he can definitely play a longer innings in Punjabi cinema as his fan base is increasing constantly, hence is giving everything to hone his expressions and body language.  SURVEEN CHAWLA looks sweet but on the acting front she has churned out an average performance. In a way we can't really blame her as her character in the movie doesn't have a meaty role. But it is BINNU DHILLON who again has worked as icing on the cake and keeps you rolling with laughter with his funny antics & crazy face expressions. He once again manages to delve deep into skin of his character of Dimpa, who is the dumbest out of all friends. This guy is real treat to watch and he definitely will go a long way in the times to come. JASWINDER BHALLA as usual is flawless in his acting but it is his dialect and ability to speak n carry one liners which make him rise above others. GURPREET GUGGI as Sidhu is also impressive and has portrayed his flirty character with aplomb. SAMIKSHA SINGH definitely looks sultry n seductive as per her character. In between you'll see ROSHAN PRINCE also playing a short & sweet role as sweet as his looks as well as voice. Not to forget, BIG DADDY JACKIE SHROFF, who makes his debut in Punjabi cinema but alias his style, expressions & even voice-over looks very artificial. Also for a change, SMEEP KANG  has once again stepped in front of camera by playing Surveen's elder brother. It becomes difficult to recognize that he is the same lean hero who played main lead in Late STALWART MR.JASPAL BHATTI'S "MAHAUL THEEK HAI" due to the immense weight he has put on.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                                                              :       The credit for music direction in this flick goes to JATINDER SHAH who has done an above average job. Some of his compositions like WHISKEY n KACH DA SAMAAN are real catchy and have become quite popular. Cinematographer of the movie is TOBY GORMAN whose hard work to capture the best of visuals is quite evident while watching the movie on big screen. He has made optimum use of the beautiful locales of Thailand. The editing of this flick has been done by MANISH MORE who has once again shown his hold over his work and has managed to maintain a smooth flow of narrative during the run-time of 121 minutes. It seems as a director, SMEEP KANG seems to have understood n felt the pulse of his audience and hence is dishing out the kind of entertainment which audience is craving for. The best part in his last offering Carry On Jatta as well as this flick is that the humor has not been crudely inserted but it comes automatically with the funny situations which arise in the screenplay. This aspect really makes him stand apart from his other peers and shows that SMEEP really concentrates on his screenplay and writing. He also deserves Kudos for paying attention to overall finesse of the movie including set designing, lighting, costumes, shot composition, shot selection and editing which was never on the main radar of Punjabi movie directors. 

OVER THE HEAD                                                                                                       :  The biggest flaw of the movie according to me is the selection of JACKIE DADA for the character of main villain. He looks completely out of ease, uncomfortable n cheesy and i feel that apart from playing on-screen villain in this movie, he has virtually turned out to be villain in reality with respect to the overall look of LJUS.

WOW MOMENTS                                                                                                       : It is very difficult to figure out the best scenes as the whole movie is a fun ride. But still, watch out for expressions of BINNU DHILLON when he goes mute & speechless while divulging shocking news to his pals. Also, the scene where Binnu, Bhalla n Guggi make fake phone calls to each other's spouses for going on vacation is too hilarious and takes you on a laughter ride.

CONCLUSION                                                                                                             :  If you have penchant for entertainment in form of laughter, this is absolutely the right movie for you. And it is that kind of cinema which you can definitely go and enjoy along with your family members. It will definitely de-stress you from all your worries provided you don't let your logical senses to come in forefront while watching this movie.

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