Friday, 19 April 2013

Movie review of " DADDY COOL MUNDE FOOL ".

Daddy Cool Munde Fool is a movie which grows on you with the time, scene after scene with its wit, humor and slapstick content. What makes it watchable is that the humor has not been forcibly added in the form of gags but funny situations have been finely simulated which catapults the movie into a finely tuned situational comedy. The most recognizable elements of Punjabiyat are in full florid display hence making it a full on entertainer. Some might find it a bit loud but that is what Punjabis are known for.

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY                                                                                      :    I've heard lot of people making hue n cry that Punjabi cinema is churning out only comedy movies. All of us know that Punjabis are globally famous for drinks,fighting spirit n laughter. For decades Punjabi cinema thrived on action movies, so now it's the turn of laughter. The credit for the story goes to RAJAN AGGARWAL who has done an astounding job with respect to his writing skills.He leaves no stone unturned in order to dish out a typical Masala entertainer. There is nothing new in this but the sheer daftness and goofiness makes it a likable smartly paced wild ride. The interactions between the characters lead to such funny situations that their was no requirement for forced gags, which thankfully are not a part of this narrative. The screenplay has been written with joint efforts of RAJAN AGGARWAL & AMBERDEEP SINGH. The story revolves around a widower Parminder Singh Puppy( JASWINDER BHALLA) and his two spoilt brats namely Gunny (AMRINDER GILL) & Money (HARISH VERMA) who fall in love with two sisters namely Rinki(YUVIKA CHAUDHARY) n Minki(IHANA DHILLON). The irony begins when Parminder's friend suggests him to bring a lady in house to control his sons and sends a matchmaker to his house . Hereafter Confusion reigns and hilarity ensues when PS meets Dilraaj (AMAR NOORI), mother of the girls who in actual was his first love. Complications arise as a tug of war starts between not only Father Vs Sons but also G.friends Vs B.friends as both Dad n his sons relent to sacrifice their respective love interests. The narrative flow has been woven in such a way that it becomes difficult to predict who will win which in turn keeps your eyeballs hooked to the big screen.

STARCAST                                                                                                 :    AMRINDER GILL  has given 3 back to back movies recently and has transformed himself to a great extent. Earlier he was known as a good singer who is trying to act but now we can say he is good singer who acts too. His body language & face expressions reflect immense improvement. For me HARISH VERMA has turned out to be a surprise package as i was not expecting much but he has portrayed his character with tremendous ease. His acting skills remain perfectly balanced throughout the movie and he doesn't look uncomfortable or out of touch in even a single scene. It became difficult for me to believe that he is the same guy who portrayed that simple, subdued character in TV serial called  NA ANA IS DESH LADDO.  In the female leads both YUVIKA CHAUDHARY & IHANA DHILLON have been included as glam dolls to enhance the charm in the movie. Both of them get very little scope to perform and you notice their presence either in songs or in multi character scenes. But it is JASWINDER BHALLA who once again steals the limelight from all others with not only his acting prowess but also with his linguistic skills. He is gem of a comedian whose comic timing is simply outstanding. AMAR NOORI has given an average performance. Not to forget KARAMJIT ANMOL, UPASNA SINGH n RANA RANBIR who make you roar with laughter whenever they appear on screen and fully justify their special appearance.

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                                                 :    Music for this movie has been composed by DR.ZEUS from whom we expected some memorable numbers but he has done a very ordinary job with none of the songs becoming chart-busters. The editing of this movie has been done by BUNTY NAGI who has done a fairly descent job as the movie proceeds at a swift pace and the scenes have not been stretched which has been the irony with last couple of Punjabi flicks. SIMERJEET SINGH who has directed this flick seems to have come a long way ahead when we compare this movie with his last directed flick CHAK JAWANA. He chose a different genre with respect to his last movie and has been able to prove himself to a certain extent by churning a fair enough comic tale. He has made a crisp entertaining movie by extracting the best out of each & every member of cast n crew which is only possible when the director shares a healthy camaraderie with his complete team. One department where he could have fared better is music department as hit numbers definitely pull in more crowds towards theaters. Apart from that Simerjeet has done a good enough job and hope he maintains his strong sensory perceptions in the times to come and keep entertaining audience.

OVER THE HEAD                                                                                                :   The biggest scene which gave me jolts of 880 volts of current is the climax scene where-in both our PUNJABI PUTTARS get shot in their shoulders with one bullet each while saving their DADDY COOL, but still they keep thrashing the goons till the end with kicks n punches. When the fight ends they suddenly remember Oye Hoye we still have a bullet lodged and they automatically move their other respective hands to cover the blood clotted wound.

WOW MOMENTS                                                                                                    :   The scene where confusion is created when Jaswinder Bhalla along with his sons goes to the girl's house for marriage proposal results in witty situational comedy. The scene when Upasna Singh along with Rana Ranbir enter Jaswinder's wedding posing to be his lost wife n what transpires there-after is a complete laugh riot.

CONCLUSION                                                                                                          :   I'll suggest if you want to take your family out for entertainment by leaving your brains at home than this movie will not disappoint you. It is not a cinema with finesse or something creatively different but a typical potboiler which has been loaded with all aspects of mindless entertainment for you to just sit back and enjoy.

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