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COMMANDO - A one man army : Movie Review

Without the risk of exaggeration we can 'safely' say Vidyut Jamwal takes the kind of risks in his action scenes that we haven't seen in any screen-hero from any part of the world. The perfect precision & the timing with which Vidyut flips, somersaults, and kicks his adversaries is a sign of an exceptionally skilled action-hero.In today's times when action has become limited to digitalised anti-gravity havoc created by a brawny man who has the muscles but looks unreal flexing them against the baddies, there comes a film that can be tagged as one of the classiest action films, with real and adrenaline pumping written all over it. 

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY                                                                       :          The script, screenplay and dialogues of Commando have been penned down by RITESH SHAH who has concentrated only on showing the histrionics of the lead protagonist . This is where most of our action movies fall flat because a Bollywood film cannot thrive on only action. You need a story too to keep the audiences engaged. So, does this stunt mania called Commando has got a good story? We're afraid. With a hero on a mission to save the girl from the baddie as the basic premise, you don't really see much originality in the plot. So, be prepared for predictability all pervasive. Moving on to the storyline, Vidyut's much delayed but tailor-made d├ębut as a hero, is the story of Commando Karanveer Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal) who's helicopter falls into Chinese waters where he is abducted by the Chinese government mistaken for being an Indian spy. While Dogra is fighting out his battle of mistaken identity, a conniving minister orders Colonel Akhilesh Sinha  to disposes off all the evidence of him being an Indian Army Commando in order to prevent China from using him against India. After a , Dogra is left with no option but to take to the jungle. Cut to Himachal Pradesh, Amrit Kanwal,  who calls himself AK-74 enjoys his reign of terror in the village. He wants to marry Simrit Kaur against her wish, which makes her run away for her life till she bumps into Dogra. Now, one man army that Dogra is, falls in love with Simrit and embarks upon the mission of saving his love. Result? Series of chases and merciless killings in the jungle. The narration is an unabashed homage to Stallone’s jungle-survival saga. And yet, thanks to Vidyut Jamwal’s powerful screen presence the combat between the commando-hero and the goons never slackens in pace. The physical combats which are undoubtedly the crux of the theme propel the plot forward in leaps of inspired action. Happily for Jamwal, his opponents are not shown to be ineffectual jokers which enlivens the proceedings raising the bar of confrontations.

STARCAST                                                                                                  :  VIDYUT JAMWAL  proves himself a maestro of unequaled sinewy skills, gliding rather than fighting, pre-empting the adversary's moves almost like a chess game. In the movie, we just want to see Vidyut take on the bad guys, full-force. And boy, does Vidyut deliver! In the movie he is not just a one-man army, he is also the Indian army's favourite bete noire. Despite the heavy burden of playing protector to country and the leading lady, Vidyut's fights manage to bring in a lot of warmth and some humor in their execution. Vidyut with his intense expressive eyes has emoted more with his machismo and eyes than dialogues and he has the potential to become big action star provided he chooses his next movies wisely.  But it is JAIDEEP AHLAWAT as AK-74 who has managed to steal all the thunder with his super excellent n impressive performance He plays a satanic goon from a small-town in Punjab with no eyeballs and apparently no balls either, who believes the power of the gun and the strength of Santa-Banta SMS jokes can be co-ordinated in one range of activity. Jaideep Ahlawat, last seen giving a riveting performance in Kamal Haasan "Vishawaroop", gives to the goon's part a wacky spin. The man is half-devil half-imbecile. POOJA CHOPRA as the leading lady has given a half baked performance and an inconsistent one. The surprising part is that she has emoted brilliantly in some high decibel scenes and in some her face goes blank with no expressions. But she has carried her character of a vivacious girl in distress with aplomb

TECHNICAL FINESSE  .                                                                           :          The music for this flick has been given by MANNAN SHAH who has done an average job with his renditions. The credit for the Background music goes to PRASAD SASTHE who has managed his job quite well and manages to impress. Cinematography of the movie has been handled by SEJAL SHAH who has filmed it on some interesting locations. The backwaters of Punjab and the thick jungles serve as just the right ambience for the rugged actioner and have been pictured quite well. AMITABH SHUKLA is the editor of this movie who has done a fantastic job by giving it a sleek look. The movie moves almost at the same pace throughout its run-time of 121 minutes. One other person who needs to be mentioned and deserves applause is action director FRANZ SPILHAUS for choreographing all those 360 degrees kicks and punches. DILIP GHOSH, former admaker, has directed this movie and has done a fair enough job out of it. He keeps the plot wisely simple ramrod-straight and to the point. Apart from those utterly annoying song breaks there are no digressions from the dynamics of instant score-settling. It’s a straight one-to-one fight-to-finish between the silently simmering Commando and a satanic goon.

OVER THE HEAD                                                                                            : The way our main lead dodges Chinese army to escape from their custody is really hard to digest even if u gulp down a bottle of Eno. Also  And the song breaks specially an ‘item song’ in the second-half by Nathalia Kaur are unwelcome speed breakers.

WOW MOMENTS                                                                                              :  I'll say most of the scenes featuring JAIDEEP AHLAWAT are a treat to watch. He has taken mean, menacing villainy to a new high with his style n distinct body language. Watch out for confrontation scenes between Jaideep & Vidyut which are simply electrifying and loaded with excellent dialogues.

CONCLUSION                                                                                                           :   Commando is an impressive action film that matches Hollywood standards and give action lovers what they had been long waiting for.  To its credit Commando creates a climate of clenched conflict for the hero to vent his voluminous talent as a martial artiste who further leaves no stone unturned to prove his mettle. As far as  action loving audience is considered, for them, this is one of the best offerings that Bollywood has offered till date.

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