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Kaabil :: Movie Review

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Kaabil helmed by Sanjay Gupta can be touted as one of his better works as it brilliantly amalgamates sweet innocent romance with riveting revenge drama taken several notches higher by the bravura performance of Hrithik Roshan making the movie worth your money spent on the ticket. Sanjay Gupta is known for making movies that are stylish, sleek and he has a penchant for technical finesse but his movies have been low on emotional quotient. This time he has collaborated with Filmkraft Productions ( Rakesh Roshan as producer) who has a flair for making masala potboilers laden with emotional content. And, the result is Kaabil, a motion picture which is a perfect blend of both immaculate style and heart warming emotions. Not to forget, Hrithik Roshan who has taken the character of a blind man as fish takes to marine life. Right from the first scene where he is making breakfast to the last scene where he converses with the cop to fetch evidence against him, Hrithik is flawless. Hrithik has imbibed and portrayed the finer intricacies of a visually impaired person in the pitch perfect manner. Pertinent to say, Hrithik is the soul of Kaabil and it is he who takes the movie to soaring heights with his convincing performance of a revenge seeking blind man.  Though, the story of a blind couple falling in love, their world turning topsy turvy with the entry of antagonists and then, the protagonist out to to seek revenge was quite clear from the promos. But, Kudos to Sanjay Gupta and his team, they have stitched the movie in such a manner that you remain glued to your seats till the very end in anticipation of what is going to happen next. After all, it is rare that you have seen an intelligent blind man taking on the mighty and corrupt and seeking revenge from them by playing mind games. We have seen umpteen revenge vendettas but what makes Kaabil riveting is its premise of a blind man seeking eye for an eye.  

                                                                               The story as well as screenplay of the movie has been penned down by Vijay Kumar Mishra. Though, the story has nothing new to offer but it is the fast paced screenplay that keeps you invested in the film. While the first half offers a breezy, cute love story blossoming between a self reliant blind couple until the baddies enter their life and play havoc. The scene before interval where Hrithik openly reveals about his revenge intentions and challenges the cops to catch him if they can is bound to attract whistles. Second half is dominated more by action and mind games played by the protagonist. The writer cleverly makes us acquainted with the protagonist's heightened sense of sound, smell, geography and voiceover skills in the first half so that we don't start using our logical skills when he puts them to use in second half. The movie begins with Rohan (Hrithik Roshan) going for a arranged coffee date with Supriya (Yami Gautam). Both of them are blind but self reliant. While Rohan is expert at modulating voice and works as a dubbing artiste, Supriya is a pianist working with a N.G.O.  Soon, they fall in love and get married. They are planning to move into their new house and lead a blissful marital life unaware of the dangers lurking in the corner. Amit (Rohit Roy) who is younger brother of a local politician Madhav Shelar (Ronit Roy) teases Supriya and a riff ensues between him and Rohan. Next day, Amit along with his friend rapes Supriya. Rohan files a report with the cops and the investigating officer (Narendra Jha) sends Supriya for a medical examination but they are kidnapped from the way as cops are hand in glove with the local politician. To make things worse, Supriya is raped again which forces her to commit suicide. A broken Rohan understands that law is not going to help him, so he decides to take things in his own hands by seeking revenge. How Rohan seeks revenge despite of being visually impaired forms the rest of the story. 

Hrithik Roshan is an actor par excellence and he has once again proved it with his efficacious act of a blind man in Kaabil. It won't be wrong to say that this is his one of his finest performances till date. He is so persuasive as Rohan in the film that you never doubt for a moment what he is doing on-screen. From the charming young man who dances with her beloved on floor to the revenge seeker who is not able to forgive himself for being not able to protect his wife, Hrithik has hit all the right notes. Truly, an award winning performance by Hrithik. 

Yami Gautam  pulls off her act as Supriya in the movie with the right amount of innocence, earnestness, simplicity and charm. It was not easy to portray a blind girl's character but to her credit, Yami has portrayed it with full conviction. 

Ronit Roy looks mean and menacing as the conniving politician. Rohit Roy makes his presence felt as Amit in the movie. Narendra Jha is apt as the investigating officer and so is Girish Kulkarni who plays the part of his deputy in the film.

The musical soundtrack of the film that has been composed by Rajesh Roshan can be rated as average as the songs seem good while they are playing on-screen but none of them manages to stay with you for a longer time after you exit the theater. But, the background score composed by Salim-Sulaiman is top notch as it ably provides a momentum and builds up a excitement. The cinematographers of the movie are Sudeep Chatterjee & Ayananka Bose who have done a swell job at capturing visuals. The editor of the movie is Akiv Ali who has kept the narrative crisp and taut. As a director, Sanjay Gupta has done a commendable job in Kaabil as he has altered his style of film-making with this movie. Almost, all of Sanjay's earlier works were more focused on singular color palettes and sleek camera angles with lots of slow mo effects but lacked that emotional connect with the audience. With Kaabil, Sanjay has hit all the right notes and delivered a film which is both emotional and stylish. With his able direction, Sanjay has turned a conventional story into an engaging fast paced dramatic film.

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