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Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo :: Movie Review


 GOREYAN NU DAFFA KARO is a lavishly mounted pleasing Punjabi movie by Pankaj Batra which has the stamp of entertainment marked on each n every frame of it and has definitely elevated the stature of Punjabi cinema.  Although, the genre of the movie is comedy but it is in stark contrast to those mindless comedies that have hit Punjabi screens in the past and were out rightly rejected by the audience. Most of the makers proclaim their movie to be "Hatke" which though turns out to be the same run of the mill stuff but this movie has a real pleasing & fresh feel attached to it. It has a proper well written script with some lovable characters being a part of it and Kudos to Pankaj Batra who has made full use of it and portrayed the story in the most effective manner. Unlike his last offering "Naughty Jatts" which relied more on gags, comic punches this one relies on humor which is not forced but comes through various situations in the movie. This is not a slapstick comedy but it still manages to raise lotta guffaws and brings smile to your face umpteen times.  The movie has portrayed a fine tuned amalgamation of Desi & Western culture in a humorous way which has never been portrayed on Punjabi Celluloid before.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                                  ::                            The story of GNDF has been penned down by Amberdeep Singh who deserves accolades for his writing skills. He has picked up a  different subject and concocted a storyline which is invigorating and exhilarating especially for Punjabi Cinema. He has worked hard on baking his characters which is one of the prime reasons of the continuous flow of humor in the movie. The dialogues of the movie have also been written by Amberdeep Singh & he deserves a pat on the back for his dialogue writing skills also as the dialogues of the movie neither go over the top nor hit below the belt. The story begins from a village in Punjab whose headman is Najjar Singh (YogRaj Singh) who hates White people like anything. He has a solid reason for doing so as his father was killed by a blow from a British during pre partition days. But, as luck would have it his elder grandson Roop (Aman Khatkar) studying in Canada falls for a white girl there and decides to marry her. The only person who can help in getting married by convincing grandfather is his bother Kala (Amrinder Gill). Kala thinks of a plan and by firing a volley of lies finally convinces Najjar Singh that by bringing a white girl into their household they would be able to get even with whites. So, the father of the bride is invited to the village and with him comes Punjabi gori Alisha (Amrit Maghera) who captures the heart of Kala. Now, whether Kala will be able to get his brother married to a white girl & win over the love of  Alisha or his lies will be unearthed form the rest of the plot.   

STARCAST                                                                            ::                 Amrinder Gill as Kala is just awesome. He has portrayed the character to perfection and undoubtedly this is his best performance so far. He has not only looked cute which he is referred to by heroine of the movie but has worked immensely on his expressions & body language. Yograj Singh looks every inch the village headman that he portrays on-screen and has given a dynamic performance. The actor who manages to raise maximum number of guffaws with his impeccable comic timing is Binnu Dhillon. Be it the automatic door scene or his letter orating scene, he manages to keep you in splits whenever he appears on-screen which is aplenty. Though, both Aman Khatkar & Amrit Maghera are watchable but they need to work hard on their acting skills. But is the ensemble cast of Sardar Sohi, Karamjit Anmol & Rana Ranbir who have portrayed their comic characters to perfection and add up to the humor quotient of the movie. 

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                                        ::           The soundtrack of the movie has been composed by Jatinder Shah who has cut a chart buster album with some fine songs in it. Laazmi Dil Da Kho Jana by Amrinder Gill,  Pyar Tere Da Assar by Prabh Gill  and even the title track Goreyan nu daffa karo are the best picks. The man behind the lens and responsible for the visual enhancement of the movie is, cinematographer, Vineet Malhotra who has done an excellent job. Be it the rural beauty of Punjab or the Skyline towers of Canada, Vineet has captured them in the frames with elan. The movie has been edited by Parveen Kathikuloth who has done a crisp and taut job. The movie maintains a stable pace and manages to catch hold of your interest all through its runtime. As a director, Pankaj Batra has affirmed that he is not only master of his craft but has also been able to judge the pulse of the audience. He has stuck to the basics with the humor being driven in by characters and situations as there are no exaggerated dramatic flourishes, no playing to the galleries. He has ably extracted the best out of his cast n crew & made a thorough entertainer with all the blockbuster ingredients in it.  

CONCLUSION                                                            ::             GOREYAN NU DAFFA KARO is a well made, entertaining Punjabi movie which can be surely relished by Pollywood lovers along with their families. It wont disappoint you at all. 

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