Wednesday, 19 February 2014


 Subhash Kapoor         Geetika Tyagi

The casting couch drama has hit Bollywood, once again. And, this time the allegations of sexual assault have been made by former journo turned small time actress, Geetika Tyagi who lately appeared in movies like : One by Two, Aatma  and What the fish. And, the man in the line of fire is acclaimed director, Subhash Kapoor who has made movies like Phas Gaye Re Obama & Jolly LLB. 
                                               The whole drama which seems to have been captured on a spy camera, seems to have transpired at Subhash's place where Geetika Tyagi went to confront Subhash along with her boyfriend i.e. Atul Sabharwal ( Director of movie Aurangzeb). In the video, wife of Kapoor, Dimple Kharbanda can be seen pleading with Tyagi and her boyfriend to bury the hatchet and keep the matter private. Kapoor, too, says he is ashamed of what happened and has already apologized and is ready to face the consequences. " I dont know what to to do," he says, while Tyagi is heard crying hysterically, before she appears in the frame of the video, to slap Kapoor.
                                           In what can be called a perfectly orchestrated move to capture all the tamsaha happened in the private space, Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor and actor Geetika Tyagi are seen in altercation over their relationship in this video. Geetika, further says that “ I cannot trust a single man. I cannot face my father, brother-in-law or any man who asks me out for coffee without feeling Fu#%$* jittery,” as she is seen screaming and howling for what happened to her.
                                           There are several angles of this episode which seem controversial including shooting the whole incident on a spy cam. In their conversation, it is heard that she is saying that you forcibly held my hand and there seems to have been no mention of him having forced himself upon her to molest her physically.  
  Did Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor sexually abuse actor Geetika Tyagi ?: Watch videos whose link have been pasted below

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