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NAUGHTY JATTS : Movie Review

 NAUGHTY JATTS carries on the legacy of comic flicks being churned out by Pollywood and will entertain you to the core, provided you leave your thinking caps at home and just surrender your logical instincts while watching the movie. NJ is embellished with a taut screenplay and good performances especially for audience who relish comic cinema which is laden with genuine wit, humor & laughter which comes naturally as the screenplay progresses. On surface, this may seem like an uncomplicated story, but scratch the exterior and there's a strong undercurrent of comic elements ready to explode and engulf you. That is probably why NJ appears to exude much greater energy n exuberance than it intrinsically possesses. This moviewith its comic plot and wickedly spot-on characterizations is the kind of apt, fast paced and witty comedy which with several moments will surely make you roll with laughter in your seats. The protagonists of this flick are the kind of characters who will forever love to remain adolescents. PANKAJ BATRA & his team have fashioned a fiercely funny fable filled with loads of innocuous innuendos and the incredibly funny and sharply observed dialogues are in perfect sync with the intelligence levels of the repressed man-boys and their inability to concentrate on any event beyond a minute. NJ, wickedly moves at its own volition with a crazy pattern of comic chaos that stops being short of being anarchic due to finely tuned situational satire simulated. Exclamations are the only punctuations in this seamless comedy of courtship played at an impossibly high octave, without getting shrill.

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                           :       The credit for the story,screenplay & dialogues goes to NARESH KATHOORIA who has smartly constructed a collage of characters hell bent on a collision course.  Many of its punch lines are quite funny, and some of the desperate measures that the protagonists are compelled to take recourse in order to wriggle out of sticky situations border on the uproarious. I'll say the one of the biggest strengths of this movie has turned out to be its clever writing as erudition sits easily, spontaneously and unobtrusively on Naresh's  narration. What makes it watchable is that the humor has not been forcibly added in the form of gags but funny situations have been finely simulated which catapults the movie into a finely tuned situational comedy. The most recognizable elements of Punjabiyat are in full florid display hence making it a full on entertainer. There is nothing new in this but the sheer daftness and goofiness makes it a likable smartly paced wild ride. The best part is that the script breezes past without any major breakdowns primarily because it doesn't get too adventurous and sticks to its chosen line and to top it all, it delivers some quirky detours that are made all the more engaging due to the consistent quality of acting by most of the artistes. The basic plot of this Rom-com revolves around Simmy (Neeru Bajwa), a young bubbly girl with a strict upbringing whose dream is to become a singer one day. School friends Rocky ( Aryan Babbar) and Lalli ( Binnu Dhillon) are madly in love with her but are unable to show their feelings to her. Soon, they decide to propose Simmy but Rocky's cousin Balwinder ( Roshan Prince ) arrives from village who is a good singer & he too falls for her. Simmy decides to marry the person who wins a singing contest and the boys start to plan their own tricks to win the contest. Now, who will win Simmy's heart and who will she marry forms the rest of the plot.   

STARCAST                                                        :        Comic timing is of vital importance to this film. And every actor gets it right, dead-on sometime dead-pan.  Roshan Prince as Balwinder is so apt that it would be hard to imagine anyone else who could have essayed this character of being cute, witty, funny and strong willed too. He is simply outstanding and delivers a performance that certainly deserves an ovation. His captivating performance is sure to increase his fan following manifold. Arya Babbar is like picture-perfect and has looked every inch the character he has portrayed. While conveying his heroic side he also gives a comic interpretation to the chaos around in a charismatic way. For sure, this guy is having a blast working in Punjabi flicks and is entertaining audience to the core. Binnu Dhillon, has got the naughtiest character to play as it is through his character that most of the juvenile, sleazy humor comes. But, the ease with which he has portrayed and expressed a synthesis of the slimy and the slippery without falling out of his character is commendable. Coming to Neeru Bajwa, i can confidently say that she is the only leading lady who could have & has stood her ground against these three male protagonists with ease. She is a real talented plus charming actress and her title of being undisputed queen of Punjabi Cinema is completely justified. In fact,with this kind of talent, the day is not far when she will shine as a leading lady in Bollywood too. Karamjeet Anmol's straight faced, matter of fact style of comedy coupled with his innocent expressions is bone-tickling to the core. B.M.Sharma, has given a superlative performance as Neeru's father and his confrontations with Binnu will make you roar with laughter. He is an excellent actor who essays various characters assigned to him with complete conviction. Amongst the ensemble actors you'll find me also whom Roshan Prince approaches to understand the meaning of english words which Neeru says to him when she leaves after drinking coffee with him. 

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                             :    The music for this flick has been composed by a medley of music composers which include G.Deep, Sham Balkar, Vikram Khanjuria, Anil Sagar, Jaggi Singh and i would rate overall album as average. The man behind the lens and responsible for the visual enhancement of the movie is, cinematographer, Vineet Malhotra who has done an excellent job keeping in mind the resources available to him, considering the whole movie has been shot in and around Chandigarh. The movie has been edited by Praveen Kathikuloth who deserves an applause for maintaining the fun quotient going consistently during overall run-time of 122 minutes. Choreography by Savio barnes & Piyush Panchal is a treat to watch. Coming to the chief of crew i.e. Pankaj Batra, he has succeeded in making a movie which has got something hugely infectious about the exuberance of Punjabi youth and most of us can either relate or have seen the characters of Rocky, Lalli and Balwinder around us. Pankaj has hit the jackpot this time as the film's direction - its comic timing, on location shooting which captures Chandigarh's flavor - portrays a skillful mastery. He has extracted humor from the academically challenged boys' who are ready to go to any extent to pursue their ladylove even if it includes adapting to various fraudulent measures. One more noteworthy positive point is that Pankaj's movie doesn't take characters' contemporary courtship games into areas that would offend the moralists and hence can be hailed as family entertainer which can be relished by complete family which is rare these days.

WOW MOMENTS                                  :    Although, the movie is a non stop laughter ride full of witty moments but couple of scenes stand out. Watch out for the scene where Binnu tries to impress Neeru by his singing skills after calling her in a garden which in fact made most of audience jump around in their seats with its laughter quotient. The climax scene of the movie where the blind beggar gets caught in between the warring factions is a treat to watch. 

CONCLUSION                                              :   This movie surely pampers your funny bones and relieves you of all your stress with some brilliant performances n witty dialogues which have been knitted together to entertain you to the core. This one is just  funny enough to qualify as a LOL spree & you can go and watch with your complete family for its unlimited entertainment quotient.  

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