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' FER MAMLA GADBAD GADBAD ' which has hit cinemas today has added up another feather in the cap of mindless yet entertaining comic capers being churned out by Punjabi movie industry which has come to be known as Polly wood. Whatever be the case, but one thing is sure that in regional scenario Punjabi cinema has come on front foot with a new Punjabi flick being released every other Friday which is heartening news. FMGG is another attempt to tickle your funny bones with various laughter punches and several finicky situations which lead to various hilarious moments during the movie's run-time. While watching the movie i got an impression that although makers were clear about making an entertaining flick but yet at several junctures the movie skidded from its original plot in order to infuse other genres apart from comedy. And in fact it is because of this aspect only that couple of earlier Punjabi flicks fell flat when makers tried to put in all kinds of emotions which virtually turned the movie look like a potpourri. So, FMGG also dips after some time but fortunately it comes back on track after some time since its main focus is basically on entertainment unlimited. Although it is not a great movie but yet it can be watched for good performances, witty screenplay laden with comic punches and some delectable moments which one can certainly enjoy if he doesn't apply too much of mind.( Which most audience prefers these days ).

STORY & SCREENPLAY                                           :       The story as well as screenplay of this movie has been composed by duo of Padamjit Singh & Harpreet Singh who are famously known as Rimpy Prince in Punjabi movie fraternity. Earlier, they have directed numerous music videos and also one Punjabi Flick called Mini Punjab starring maestro Gurdas Mann which was a movie with fusion of various genres having an emotional touch along with a underlying message too. This time they tried to  play safe and worked out a script with amalgamation of all the commercial elements which when put together should blend good enough to serve audience an entertaining fare in form of cinematic experience. This movie runs like a sea saw  with some excellent moments followed by some cheeky scenes with the story-line being a mixture of various scripts which although overall is amusing. Had they sketched and baked the characters more, the movie would have turned definitely more interesting. The story begins with Jassi, who wants to become an actor with the aid of his friend cum director Rambo, while Jassi is in deep love with Roop who is a doctor but in turn she wants to marry him only once he establishes himself and has a standing of his own. So Jassi wants to become an actor but Jaasi's father Mohan Singh is dead against the aspirations of his son and refuses to give him money to finance movie  In order to gather finances Jassi starts working as a fake witness, an impersonator & he gets an offer to go and break marriage of a girl Geet who is getting married to an N.R.I. Jassi goes and breaks the marriage but trouble ensues when the village folk with Sarpanch get him forcibly married to Geet and send her along with Jassi. Here onwards ensues Gadbad time with each scene bringing more trouble in his life through various characters running in his pursuit to nail him.   

STARCAST                                                     :      ROSHAN PRINCE as Jassi has performed with so much of ease and aptness that he simply charms everyone with various antics of his character. He has shelved deep into skin of his character which speaks volumes about his determination and hard work. Just a few movies old, but with these kind of expressions he has proved that he means business & is here to play a longer innings and not just for few flicks. JAPJI KHAIRA, whom we last saw in Singh Vs Kaur has not only looked enchanting but has also delivered the goods through her acting skills while portraying the character of Geet. She has turned out well as a leading lady and excels especially in her comic timing. Coming to Bhanu Sri Mehra ( Roop), who although was born in Amritsar but has acted in other regional movies down south makes her debut in Pollywood as leading lady. Her character of Dr. Roop is very subdued and matured when compared to the other leading lady's character of Geet played by Japji. Bhanu has given a fine performance as per the character required and has given an outlook of a sober yet modern girl.(Although if you watch her in the movie's opening track "Put Sardaran De", she is looking stunning in glamorized avatar with Roshan Prince). But it is Ranbir Rana as Rambo & B.M.Sharma as Pooja who have turned to be most amusing characters and are able to invoke laughter in most of their screen -time and are a treat to watch. Another actor who impressed me is Hobby Dhaliwal who plays the character of a Sarpanch opposite to Jassi's father played by Shavendra Mahal. Amongst other noticeable actors in the ensemble cast are : Karamjit Anmol, Rana Jung Bahadur, Surinder Sharma but the biggest pleasure was to see Satish Kaul coming back in action after a long gap in Punjabi movies.   

TECHNICAL FINESSE                                          :         The music for the flick has been given by Jaggi Singh which can be rated as an average fare with just a couple of tracks being impressive. Out of the complete track list it is Rab Jaane & Dil De Varke that stand out as soulful renditions. As far as background music is concerned, its credit goes to Salil Amrute who has done a descent job keeping the music in sync with screenplay. The man behind the camera who is responsible for the visual beauty of the film is Cinematographer Harpreet Singh who has done a fairly descent job taking into account the resources available to him. The editing of the movie FER MAMLA GADBAD GADBAD has been done by Harpreet Singh. The movie has been helm ed by director duo Rimpy-Prince who are also the writers of the story as well as screenplay. Although, it is a good attempt with the storyline being interesting and witty but i feel probably to make movie more commercially viable they loose their way somewhere. The story was such that it could automatically lead to loads of hilarious situations and the movie should have completely focused on that track rather than bringing emotional track in between and apart from that some of the scenes have been unduly extended. It is basically mergence of these two factors which breaks the flow of the movie's screenplay, tweaking the interest of audience in the proceedings. Had the direction and editing been more crisp this script could have been much more joyful but still apart from these factors, movie gives die hard Punjabi fans good enough comic moments to have a hearty laugh and enjoy.

OVER THE HEAD                                                   :    Despite of being choked and surrounded by troubles from all sides, how-come Jassi with his aide Rambo start shooting the movie is the kind of logic that only a person with utmost high intellect can understand (Although i know logical minds should be barred from watching movies these days). Secondly when Roop oh sorry ! Dr. Roop impresses Jassi's parents in a miniscule meeting, it makes me wonder why the hell he did not introduce her to them all this time.(Or Probably if he would have done that,  we would have missed out on watching all this fun in FMGG).

WOW MOMENTS                                                           :   Watch out for the scene when Jassi is being forcibly applied Henna and being readied for marriage against his wishes as it brings some good hearty laughter. Also the scene where three goon brothers go after Jassi and his accomplices and beat them black n blue invokes fun. The scene where B.M.Sharma goes to Jassi's house after his marriage and has to escape from a Dhaba after getting food packed being peniless n especially his conversation on phone when he says " Bheng" several different tones is a classy comical moment.

CONCLUSION                                                                :  FER MAMLA GADBAD GADBAD is again the same run of the mill kind movie which is kind of half baked but still it manages to entertain you via its fun plus witty quotient and some good performances. Another biggest positive factor and asset is that the movie has no crude dialogues, no double meaning punches and not even a tinge of vulgarity, which brings it in the category of those rare movies which you can go and enjoy with your complete family.

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