Sunday, 27 January 2013

Movie Review Of TU MERA 22 MAIN TERA 22

Before I pen down my review for this movie i"ll like to talk first things first regarding evolution of Punjabi cinema. For decades our Protagonist ,a  Jatt, wearing a kurta dhoti riding a horse or tractor and carrying a Gandasa ruled Punjabi cinema and than came ace director Mr. MANMOHAN SINGH who turned our Jatt into smartly dressed NRI missing khushboo of his Punjab di Mitti. Finally the seeds sown by him have been harvested by new gen-next talented directors like AMIT PRASHER, ANURAG SINGH, PANKAJ BATRA, SMEEP KANG and taken it at par in quality and finesse with any other regional cinema or even Bollywood.

SCRIPT & SCREENPLAY      :                            The script has been written by DHEERAJ RATTAN who leaves no stone unturned in order to dish out a typical Masala entertainer. There is nothing new in this but the sheer daftness and goofiness makes it a likable smartly paced wild ride. The story begins with an NRI father in Melbourne whose two spoilt brat sons are having fun of their lives by doling out his hard earned moolah. Cut next the father sends them to his ancestral property in Punjab with a condition to earn 30 Lacs in a month or he will disown both of them. Back in Punjab the caretaker of their property has not only sublet the property as a PG but has also boasted about being owner of the same. Hereafter ensues a witty situational comedy infused with elements of romance,drama,little action and of course the main forte humour.

STARCAST    :                                         Performances by some actors are the real highlight of this movie and  especially the ensemble actors make it worth watching. I'll start by saying that i had minimum expectations from AMRINDER GILL after watching his wooden expressions in Jatt n Juliett. But he has improved tremendously and is now able to emote well if not brilliantly which shows he is really working hard to hone his acting skills and is a good sign for singers turned actors. HONEY SINGH has faced lot of reprimand recently for singing some songs having vulgar lyrics and timing of this movie can prove to be a boon for him as he looks kinda cute in this flick which might win him lot of female admirers..He has given his best shot and his performance is kinda average. In female leads WAMIQA GABBI has a miniscule kind of role with not much scope for great performance and has looked fine. MANDY THAKKAR looks good and shows some sparks in her performance by acting well. But the best performance once again has been given by king of comic expressions called BINNU DHILLON.  He is virtually a show stealer and when it comes to comic timing he virtually gobbles up everyone else present in the scene. He is really a star performer and i'll safely rate him as one of the best comic talents across Indian movie industry. One more positive point about movie is that the writer has cleverly sketched the characters of ensemble cast consisting of B.M.SHARMA, KARAMJIT ANMOL, MUKESH VOHRA & BALRAJ who have done full justice to their roles and provide you ample opportunities to laugh.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS   :                        Music has been composed by HONEY SINGH & is catchy but does not have the feel to stay long on your mind which is a tad disappointing..Only two tracks namely Sargi and the title song are the ones that are memorable. One name worth mentioning is MANISH MORE who is the editor of this movie and has shown his craft by crisp editing enabling the script to flow with same pace all through.Producers have spent lavishly hence the camera has captured some riveting shots especially in Australia which positively add to the look and feel of this flick.Now coming to the chief of staff behind the lens who in this case is AMIT PRASHER who has directed this movie. He has played his part to perfection by sticking to basics of commercial potboilers without much experimentation with the sole aim to entertain you and has succeeded also to certain extent. There are certain flaws but he hugely scores on detailing of his characters and making them enter the script at right time.

WOW MOMENTS      :                    I might sound biased but still most of them are of Binnu like when BINNU frightens both the leads by cooking up a horror story, Binnu winking his servant to praise his shooting skills, falling on the feet of both leads to spare his image will make you laugh your hearts out.

OVER THE HEAD       :             Now this is something interesting because if i talk logically than most of the script goes over the head. So i am going to give it a miss.Clearly it is a purely commercial entertainer and is not made for connoisseurs of intelligent cinema.

CONCLUSION           :             Although it is a hilarious movie but you do hope the narrative was a bit tauter as it seems a bit lacklustre in portions.The director has tried to invoke laughter throughout but in that effort misses out on developing relationships or touching emotional chords.But in case you are one of those who see cinema only for entrtainment, ent., and ent. than you can safely go and enjoy this with your 22'S.