Sunday, 23 December 2012

DABANGG 2 is nothing else but Salman at his entertaining best as Chulbul who was lapped up by audience  in DABANGG.And bro Arbaaz knows this very well so he has taken minimal risk and made this sequel with almost same team,similar songs,similar sets and similar buffoonery and has just replaced Jhandu balm with Fevicol se.Although he has made it on a more lavish scale with almost double the budget but still it lacks the infectious verve and delightfully pervasive spontaneity of the film that made Dabangg 1 such a delight  to watch.

SCRIPT :      The so called elusive script is like a totally wafer thin kind of narrative which is full of potholes.The protagonist is a one-man demolition squad: enforcer, avenger and terminator all rolled into one. He fights and dances, swears and serenades, and delivers punches without ever breaking into a sweat.When he emerges from these supercharged skirmishes, not a hair on his head is out of place. And neither is the Rayban that dangles daintily from the back of his shirt collar. 

STARCAST   :    Mind you its a completely Salman's movie right from the beginning till the end.Its a delight to watch his antics as Chulbul aka Kung Fu Pandey acting as a Maverick cop and a doting family man.He excels in his favourite genre of comedy,buffoonery as well as action but scores a little less in emotional scenes.Coming to Sonakshi as Rajjo whose act has been reduced to either appearing in songs or drying clothes on a rope during which she displays her gleamy fleshy back.Her scope of performance was much better in the first one with better role and dialogues.I seriously dont know what Arbaaz Khan is doing as an actor in this one apart from sleeping or being confused.But Vinod Khanna looks convincing as his father and invokes good laughter in some scenes with Salman.But i feel sorry for the baddies( Prakash Raj,Deepak Dobriyal,Nikitin Dheer) in this movie as their characters were neither given prominence nor developed.Prakash Raj has acted well as shreaking loud mouthed kind of a villain although his character was not well sketched.Similarly Deepak Dobriyal who is a fine actor and was looking very convincing dies before interval.Deepak was looking menacing and should have been given more scenes.In fact, a scene of Dobriyal's confrontation with Salman has turned out to be an excellent one.
Mahie Gill has been wasted and has just one scene and Nikitin Dheer( Villain of Mission Istanbul) gets the credit of getting Salman's shirt off his body in the end. Oops i forgot to mention Manoj Pahwa who tries to invoke some laughter as S.P. Mathur.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS :     Music by Sajid-Wajid is catchy and has some hummable songs but again overall the tunes are very much similar to the original movie like Dagabaaz re reminds you of Tere mast mast do nain.Background music by Sandeep Shirodkar is good and heightens the excitement at times.Dialogue's by Dilip Shukla are catchy,witty and have been written keeping front benchers and a certain section of audience in mind.Cinematography by Aseem Mishra is good as per the canvas provided to him and in sync with the movie.Worth mentioning are some the action scenes whose credit goes to fight master Anal Arasu.Editing of the movie by done by Hemal Kothari is sharp and crisp taking duration of the movie to 129 minutes which works in favour of the movie.
Now coming to Arbaaz Khan who's captain of the ship as producer as well as director of Dabangg2. But unfortunately he has not been able to take Dabangg 2 to new heights and he has simply walked on the already laid out path by following footsteps of his predecessor Abhinav Kashyap.

WOW MOMENTS :        Salman's calling on his Dad's phone impersonating as a female and a blushing Vinod Khanna on the other side is a treat to watch.Similarly Salman's Nok Jhonk with his wife Sonakshi also adds some real cute moments.Marriage scene's confrontation where Salman hits Deepak Dobriyal is also a highlight.  

OVER THE HEAD :        Manoj Pahwa's character shown as SP Police looks and behaves every inch like an ordinary Hawaldaar which is bad direction and not at all amusing.Arbaaz Khan's scenes of missing his wife,trying to do a job in police looks totally unconvincing and out of the way against  tempo of the movie.Even the crowd gathering in the background during lot of scenes and even songs looks very shabby and unrealistic.This seems very unprofessional when compared to the crisp cinema being made these days and should have been avoided at any cost.

OVERALL  :                 This movie is made for two certain kind of audience.Firstly those who watch cinema just for entertainment by leaving their brains at home and secondly those who are die hard Salman Khan fans (hordes of them).And if u r seeking something sensible,creative or different than earlier Dabangg than this is not your cup of tea.  But one thing is sure that despite of making a replica of Dabangg 1,Arbaaz is gonna laugh all the way to bank with moolah collected from this movie. Courtsey the star power of SALMAN KHAN who is man of the moment for Bollywood and all his movies are being lapped up by audience.